Discourse Issue - New Topics

Something weird is happening. I haven’t had much time to be on the forum lately, but my New count was staying around the 270 mark. I thought that was odd, because it seems like a whole bunch of new topics are being created daily, and I definitely wasn’t keeping up with them all.
The oldest thread I can see in the New category was created 9 days ago. If I go to the Latest tab, I can find a bunch of old threads I haven’t read that aren’t labeled New.

Also, just to clarify, I have my setting correct. The topic should be consider New if I haven’t viewed them yet.

@discourse, @neil any ideas why this is happening?

A long time ago. I want to say close to 2 years ago.

Maybe try changing the preference, then going back in and changing it back?



I’ve had threads sit for a while that eventually just stop showing up as new. There aren’t many but every so often I see a link pop up in bold, so I know it’s new(to me, well, it’s unread anyway), but there’s no blue dot and it’ll be months old if not years.

I took @PrintToLaser advice and changed my preferences, then changed them back. It didn’t help. My New category still purges new topics older than 9 days.