Discourse turning Japanese...again


For the past 30 mins, I’ve been navagating discourse with all writing in Japanese. Is it sad that I’m on here so much, that I know where all the buttons and descriptions are that its not slowing me down at all…lol


It’s not you. The forum has been flipping back & forth between english & japanese for the past day or so.


I feel left out. It’s English all the way down for me.


Just reopened the page and its in English now…lol


One goodie for you!


I got a strange message that was just this:

44453request4right14q41a44q421w1qq1qq45q4q54qq14q1q24q4213144q 14th1342433q4qqq14q42q42q2q242244q14q34413q4q4 qq1q41q44412342q1112q311q31qq324414q213q41q2 q4q44 qq4342142q14144214q42255q4qq4q5144q1q4


Lol thats weird. :frowning::laughing::scream:


If it happens again, just hit the refresh button on your browser and it goes back to English.


Google Chrome actually gave me the option to translate when it first happened…I just clicked no to get the popup out of the way…I’m actually trying to learn Japanese…made a deal with my 13 year old…when we both can read and speak it enough to get by, then we are going to take a trip there.


Warning, may not be safe for work or all viewers. These guys take cosplay to a whole another level.


OK so I have a renewed love for Kirsten Dunst (from the Spiderman movies) after that. Never knew she sang.


I was beginning to think y’all were loosing it. Then I saw it. !

(And I can’t believe I was still able to figure out how to post in Japanese)


the next time it happens, just reload the page. discourse does a lot of finicky code to update posts and comments without reloading the page, so you’ll be stuck in japanese until you reload the site. presumably the team at discourse will fix the bug eventually, but it’s easy to avoid in the meantime.


Ditto on the Japanese GF page last night. Seems fine now. Maybe the GPS satellites are off the last week. (Probably the aliens that make sun spots…)

Also since when does Kristen Dunst sing? And cosplay ?


Actress… Her entire life basically.


As soon as I read the thread title, I sang “I gotcha pic-cha!” And got awkward stares from ppl.


GF forum reading in public can be hazardous to one’s public image. User descresion is advised…


I finally saw the Japanese menus. Now I don’t feel left out!


I saw them late last night and would have doubted my sanity if not for the heads up.


Saw them once this morning. Very strange. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: