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…and here’s the laser glamping paper towel holder. :slight_smile:


Cool! Did you mean to post the file? I may have misunderstood…

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Greetings Dan -
‘Over 3,600 schools have Glowforge 3d laser printers already’
Wow! That is a truly impressive effort on the part of GF. I was wondering how large the (consumer) user base is, and how that can support the GF backend. But having a decently large installed base of institutions gives me much greater confidence in the longevity of the brand. Likewise, the continued effort on your part to improve and add features to the Premium level, which I have greatly appreciated in just the short period of time I’ve used it. And keep up the good work on partnering with, or at least helping, more teachers and schools incorporate this wonderful creative tool.


Dry Falls, topography sculpted by Ice-age megafloods on a scale beyond imagination! There’s some fascinating geology in Washington, from the scabland megafloods, to the volcanic Flood Basalts associated with the Yellowstone hot spot, to the Ghost Volcanoes of the Cascades Who’s only trace are the lava flows they left behind.
Anyone who has knapped their own stone tool has to feel a deep appreciation for our intrepid ancestors. Sounds like a great get-away!

I love the description of the change in your kids behavior from their electronic displays to the imagination in the woods.


I went to grad school with people who knapped stone tools. I hope that doesn’t make me sound old. Occasionally, I am tempted to reach for the very old stone hammer on the bookshelf near the studio.

Dan, I saw a review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s new book that suggests you might find it interesting.

Here is Cory Doctorow’s review:


More on KSR’s The High Sierra: a Love Story here:


I considered the idea of taking my Glowforge camping.
(Whenever we get my daughter’s Make-A-Wish camper back from having hail damage repaired, that is… ugh. Supply chain shortages are killing me.)
But I decided against it. Instead, I’ll just take pics/make drawings and then design when I get home.


Thanks @High_Latitude! The educational world is near and dear to my heart - one brother and both parents are teachers, and I am who I am because I got to take shop AND home ec AND computer science. And I’m glad you’re enjoying premium - almost half our customers are now subscribers, which creates a virtuous circle as Premium subscriptions fund further improvements!

@PrintToLaser here’s the wildest thing in these parts:

@evermorian on the book list!

That’s where I wound up too. :slight_smile:


That Rhino cave link was great! Never heard of it, had no idea. The water the creature (or its carcass) was in is why the cast was made. You wouldn’t expect anything organic to survive that heat, even the shape of the beast.
Did you crawl your long self in there or just watch the kids?


Like the amazing and (to me) terrifying holes at Pompeii that they fill with plaster and find victims…

thanks for the auto discount!


I loved teaching classes with my Glowforge in my last makerspace, and I’m glad I get to continue teaching even more with the Glowforge in my new makerspace! three of the most recent classes fit right into this conversation with @dan about ancient tech meets modern laser: laser cut band weaving loom and shuttle, laser cut drop spindle, and foldable/packable foraging bag with a laser cut leather belt case!


Ditto. But that’s because we’re of an age where those were actual courses available in school. Now most schools have computer science but the other two are iffy - easy to cut from the budget. My kids didn’t have them at their middle or high schools.

My wife & I were both Betty Crocker winners in high school. Now neither high school has the Home Ec program that we were taking at the time.


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