Discussion of April 2021 Update

Discussion of the latest update:


My Glowforge business has been over a year in the making (Moon Cabin Creations) and I will be testing out my designs at a craft fair in just 2 weeks. I’m getting really good social media response with the products I’ve posted and I hope this new venture takes off so I can concentrate on it full time (the ultimate goal).


The “When I was a kid” thing with the Hair Club for Men ads really kind of spoiled the whole rest of the announcement for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was a grown woman with kids when those ads were on and could have sworn they were airing just a couple of years ago. sigh

It’s okay, @Dan. I still love you even when you make me feel ancient.


Aw! My apologies!


Fantastic! Be sure to email the address in the announcement and let the team know!


“…Nickelodeon is a synonym for jukebox…”

And one more trip down the rabbit hole…



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This is stating 4 week ship times, but I’m about to enter week 6 after being told it was shipping on 4/30, then emailed to say, sorry it isn’t shipping, and still waiting for another update. I was granted a gift certificate for the false message, which was a nice gesture. But, frustrating to read new orders will get theirs 4 weeks from order date and could possibly get theirs before I do??

Has always been in the order of purchase. That said different models, Basic, Plus and Pro aren’t always avaliable at the same time.

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Keep in mind, yours said 4 weeks at first too. Doesn’t necessarily mean they will get it in 4 weeks either.

Do you have a podcast ? When I read this it’s feel like your talking aloud in a soft kind of raspy voice that’s full of excitement for the future.

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His brother, Ari Shapiro, is on NPR so tune in and you can get an idea of what it would sound like.


I was thinking about something similar to printscan, but the next step after evaluating that would be to progressively ramp down the power as lines get closer, get the print and avoid the charring. That’s not a small feet to write, but if you could break the printscan areas into smaller segments based on the closeness of multiple lines then you could in theory apply different settings (even manually defined ones) to improve the quality of the print. It would be like having multiple passes within the same set of geometries.

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I don’t, but I’ve been a guest on other people’s podcasts. Here’s one:


I loved those commercials…HaHa
Being from the generation that started out without the internet and seeing where its at now…Wow is all I can say. My Glowforge helps me create beautifully crafted pieces of art daily. I’ve been a GF owner and user for a couple years now just about and I can honestly say, I love this Family of ours that @Dan and the gang started. I’ve watched and been a part of the growth and it’s been my pleasures to be here…


I’m so happy to have you here too!

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