Discussion of August 2018 Update

A lot of people call me a pessimist. I’ve learned that I’m actually an optimist. My dire, by comparison to others, predictions are usually wildly, unicorns and rainbows, optimistic.

I kind of enjoy being the Pollyanna on this one.


The photo of the Glowforge on the right is a link.

@staff – it’s 1:08 pm PST, but can’t get anything but a black screen and non-functioning play button at https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/38CE8D48-3B43-4132-9007-62AE1E91F0A0

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Tritto. Maybe it’s not until 2:00?

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Could be. I recall some confusion about that

It’s working on the iPhone app.

I thought it was at 1:30 PM PDT. Fifteen minutes

No, running right now but apparently only on the Amazon app.

Yes. 1:00.

No joy – link opens in Amazon app on iphone, but same black nada.

I tried in Firefox and Chrome on Win7 PC. No joy.

I’m having to update the Amazon app, so no joy yet…

Audio is kinda bad

Not on my Android.

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I deleted that off my phone because it kept annoying me.

He’s showing a table of goodies, showing @marmak3261 cutting board

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I can get the Thrive line of products video. No glowforge. Somehow you’d think Amazon would be better at this. Then again, maybe not.

Dang. I don’t want to bother with the app. I guess I will.

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He told the story of your Mom’s recipe on the cutting board.