Discussion of Dec 2021 Update

I’m sayin’, that TruCoat… you don’t get it, you get oxidation problems, that’ll cost you a heck of a lot more than $500…


Yes, that is great news!!! but the big question is, how much will it cost?? Please let us know, some of us need to plan ahead. I’m so excited!!


Welp, wish we had this a couple of months ago. Our warranty just ended :confused: Guess it’s time for good ol “cross your fingers it doesn’t die”


An extended warranty? Sign me up now!


@dan “Menorasaurus Rex” This may be the best t-shirt ever.

Some great announcements. Sadly I’m out of warranty, but what a great thing you you to offer to those of us that aren’t. I actually got my GF from my son. He bought it when he was working for a company laser engraving various parts for customers. I had always wanted one and he lost interest and needed dear old Dad to bail him out.


@Deleted, @mycraftsandartstudio

Also, one person just got their email with a price: Warranty from Glowforge


Sigh. Had hopes when I saw extended warranties available… and then dashed. Guess I’m back in the “going somewhere else when the machine dies if it’s not easily fixable myself” camp. :disappointed_relieved:

Conveniently if your machine dies you can buy a new one with a 4 year warranty and use your old one for parts if needed :slight_smile:


haha. Interesting point. But unfortunately a rather good chinese laser is 1/4 the price and easily worked on.

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Just got a email from Glowforge to extend the warranty on my Plus which runs out the end of December. $799 for 3 years.

Well, that is NOT .15 a day, unless that rate is a ‘deal’ rate,
I paid $500 for a 3 year warranty with Square Trade (for my pro)
and have gotten quotes for a 2 year warranty with Asurion (amazon) on a new unit for $250.00

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So, I’m new here. $1200 seems steep for a 2nd party warranty, in a lump sum, right before Christmas. Am I wrong? Is this worth it?

(of course it’s not dead yet… and they still have time to start making available parts kits for fixing them yourself too… so that’s always an option I hope gets explored and implemented… Especially with the right-to-repair laws getting implemented nationally.)

That seems like full price and they said it was half price this month didn’t they? (I’m going off of the 55 cents per day cost which would be 602 dollars for 3 years)


Heh - I never owned a laser before this one because I have no interest in focusing/adjusting/etc. Some parts being fixable is FTW though :slight_smile: Goes to show :glowforge: pulled in such a wide range of users!

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Someone here had an Asurion warranty and needed to use it…it did not go very well. It did get fixed…eventually AFAIK. A warranty provided by the company (even if they’re subcontracting) is a whole different ballgame.


Didn’t asurion have some sort of clause in there about not covering use of the machine in a business setting or something? So if you sell things you make, your extended warranty was invalidated?

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I agree, but the procedure is you pay to have it fixed, you send them bill, they re-emberse you Up to the original cost of the item.

so (shrug) I dunno

Glowforge’s seems easier, that’s all done for you. we will see. - -It is exciting no matter what

The link I was provided says it’s $899 a year, $1199 for 3 years. That is the discounted price.

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did you apply the discount code? (that was mentioned)?


There’s no discount code. It’s a link to a discounted 3 year price.