Warranty from Glowforge

Just got a email from Glowforge to extend the warranty on my Plus which runs out the end of December. $799 for 3 years.
Gota ask, but probably know the answer ( IS IT WORTH T )

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If something fails - absolutely! If nothing does…no, but that’s kind of always the gamble with a warranty.
Generally folks have been charged between $250 and $1250 (based on folks who’ve stated their cost on the forum) when they’ve had to send their machine in for a repair or exchange. I’ve had mine for 4 years and haven’t had anything (knock on wood) go wrong.

BTW, if you’d like to read more about the warranty, Dan just covered it in his announcement last night.


I am an owner that would have paid thousands in repairs had I not diagnosed my problems and fixed them myself. With that said, there are parts in the machine that I wouldn’t go near because of the difficulty of the repair, including the laser tube, power supply, and the long white ribbon cable that connects to the laser head. Those types of repair are incredibly hard to do, meaning time and money add up quick.

If a little more than $200 a year gives you peace of mind, then it’s a good purchase. If you’re not comfortable fixing your own machine if a minor issue comes up, with the possibility of making it worse, then it’s worth it. If in 2 years something happens, you’d be well out of warranty and still want your machine to work, this may be worth it.

I never used to buy extended warranties, and then I would always wished I had. Then I started buying them and never used them. So it’s a gamble, but I’d say it’s worth it if you rely on this machine for anything more than a casual hobby.


Some lessons I learned the hard way:

Laser tube is rated for 2 years and is $500 when out of warranty

When out of warranty a new print head is about $566 ($414 if you send back your current print head)

When out of warranty a replacement carriage plate is about $150

And those are the main big things. I know it’s pricy if your power supply goes but thankfully my machine was under warranty when that happened.

So I think it’s worth it in my opinion :grin:


Power supply is $900 - OUCH!



What sort of unobtanium is it made out of??? I can make one from scratch… mining the ores and creating the components for less that a tenth of that. IS IT PLATINUM PLATED???


must be made from some rare earth metal, mined by monks in the mountains of Brazil!
$1122.00 was the charge for a new power supply and shipping.


If I’m remembering correctly the problem wasn’t in creating power, it was the ability to power up and down in milliseconds, repeatedly, for (an estimated) 10k hours+ without fail that caused them to have to have one made from scratch rather than any of the (many) off the shelf options they tried first.


It’s not a matter of building it, it’s a matter of installing it.

I don’t know their exact procedure for getting in there and replacing it, but it’s not a super simple 30-minute swap. Labor ain’t cheap.


For that price… reciprocating saw and some duct tape and I’d have it installed in about 20 minutes. :rofl:


Looking for a clarification reply from Glowforge on the Warranty offer–
I really love the idea of the protection the warranty offered based on the announcement, but I want to be sure before I jump in with $1,199 for my Pro…

  1. The announcement says the warranty includes basically everything, including the tube are covered in full…but the fine print (when you click the warranty link) under “What is not covered” 7.1.6 “parts requiring replacement or repairs due to normal wear and tear…and normally designed to be periodically replace by YOU during life of product” are not covered.
  2. What about all the crafters who sell their stuff on Facebook, Etsy, their own websites, etc.? Under what’s not covered section 7.1.13 “any product purchased for or used at any time for commercial purposes…unless a Commercial Plan has been purchased.” Is this a commercial plan, and are we covered if we ever use the Glowforge to make something we sell?

Staff doesn’t review any section of the forum except P&S, and for questions regarding your specific account they will go to email - so your best bet is copy/paste this into an email, add your machine’s serial number (or name if this is the same email your account is under), and send it to support@glowforge.com.


Once the warranty is purchased, when does it begin?

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