Discussion of December '22 update

Thread for discussion of the 2022 update!


Happy Hanukkah! Thanks for the sale. Would love to see laser safe vegan leather proofgrade sometime.


Will the new leather be back in stock anytime soon? There are some bigger projects I’d love to make and submit to the catalog but I can’t seem to ever hit it in stock!

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@dan, I’m glad to see you looking bright and cheery. Great point to make about materials. I’d say that 90% of any Glowforge project is carried by the material itself. Thanks for the sale.


Happy Hanukkah to you and your family! Thank you for the sale!

Great update!
I picked up some pg leather.
I made a pretty awesome leather gift for mom to stay organized and need to take a few photos and post.
I made a leather patch for the coffee company and will make some for my brothers new business.
The possibilities are endless.


Great materials at low prices are always cool. Perhaps there could come a time when we can have exotic proofgrade, like Mesquite, Blue Mahoe, or Black Locust? I am celebrating the season by making stuff with lots of holes.


It is a Holy time of year.


How about discounts for your customers in the UK who have invested in these machines. No discounts available from hobbycraft. I see many moving over to competitors due to this issue.


Dan, sorry to hear about the lack of sunshine. I consider myself very lucky to be living in central Florida. Yeah, we do have to deal with the occasional hurricane but I do get to enjoy year-round sunshine (well almost). Enjoy the trip!

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You know how new code releases usually also state the bug fixes?

What are y’all’s thoughts on doing the same with the monthly updates? For example, when y’all discovered that the coolant cap in the design was not holding up for the stress of shipping and so there was a set of machines that arrived with a little bit of a leak. When y’all figured it out and resolved it then it would be useful to include in the next update that the coolant cap issue has been resolved. Would y’all be open to including in the update any software or design fixes that are new or that have been resolved?


I have been watching for the maple plywood to go on sale. The 1/8 12x20 and it has not. Is it going to be? I notice in this announcement it states it is. Thanks

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