Discussion of July 2023 Update

It’s 450nm.

Oh no, still in the hopper! The Aura has a removable head and interconnect port, too.

No - we’re selling exclusively through retailers, so there’s no way for us to do that.

Glowforge Print is included, free, forever. Glowforge Premium pricing hasn’t changed.

One note - your Performance printer (basic, plus, or pro) comes with unlimited size prints (free forever). The new Glowforge Aura comes with prints up to 100k in size, free forever; you need Premium to unlock bigger file sizes.


Although I’m a fan and active user for many things on Discord - this should be like any other service in which one has to opt-in rather than scrambling to find an option to op-out. And then adding insult to injury in that there is no such opt-out option. New and shiny is fine and well, but I shouldn’t have to actively close the distraction after every job.


Congratulations @emilyhuh ! What did you do at Cheezburger?
So cool! I love the updates!!!


Thank you! I was Director of Community Engagement at Cheezburger and ran the editorial and community support teams. Cats, fails, and memes, oh my!


Thanks @LogicGeek for your feedback about the chat window. You can hide the chat window after you start a print by clicking the Hide button (you’ll need to hide the window for each print if you don’t want the chat feature to show up after each print).


I’m really glad to see the Aura but as a Pro owner I have mixed feelings about what it means for the company’s future.

The good news:

  • Glowforge’s hardware division isn’t gone. After years of basically nothing but remixes of the original Basic/Pro parts, and nothing new in a long time, they came out swinging. I am pretty sure that a few weeks ago I posted “we may never see new hardware again, just Premium upsell efforts” and I am glad to be wrong.
  • Strong retail partnership means there’s good bizdev at Glowforge and we’ll see increased public awareness.

The bad news?

  • The Aura (and Discord integration) could be a sign that the less techy craft market is the company’s future and our “Performance” machines, with their high cost, smaller market, and grouchier users, are the dinosaurs that will never receive upgrades.
  • The 100k free printing file size limit on the Aura is crippling and clearly designed to apply pressure to go Premium… And Premium is really expensive. $50/mo is not much for a business, but for a hobby user, especially of a $1200 machine? Yikes. And if there ever is a Pro 2.0 it seems likely it will also require a Premium subscription for core functions.

Overall I have more optimism about the company’s future than I did yesterday. Congrats on the release.

Post some new product manager positions already @dan. :slight_smile:


How does the new Aura compare to the other GF lasers? I know the size is smaller, but is the power less? What can it do and what can it not do compared to the other machines?


Welcome @dan to the community. We’re glad to have you here! :slight_smile:


it’s a different kind of laser (diode vs co2) and the power is significantly lower.


Haha. We noticed that yesterday after his post went live and had a laugh about it and welcomed him since this is probably his 1000000th post or something like that. :rofl:


Here is a comparison chart between the three machines (Aura, Plus, Pro) that can help narrow down the main differences:


Thanks for this, but the Glowforge does not cut 11 x 19.5. It is actually 10.9 x 19.418. Not trying to split hairs, but this matters to people trying to cut 11" squares. Also the Glowforge pro will cut 19.418" x infinity because of the pass through.


Good to know and I understand that accurate measurements are key here, so passing this along!


yeah, it was very disappointing when i tried to cut down a folded cover that was 11x18 flat and it just wasn’t quite enough. :frowning:


Again - the point is that one shouldn’t have to. The interface has zero to do with the job being processed.

To that end, I’ve gone ahead and posted a feature request thread in the forums rather than go in circles here or on the Discord server itself.


They won’t ever officially see it there.

It’s been well over a year since Support disconnected from the forums and works only from the submission page or direct email for any interaction of any kind.


This is the thing that I am surprised isn’t being talked about more. I’m sure a lot of files would be under this but photo engraving would be kinda out the window with that size which I’m sure people would want to do.


Compared to $10/month for a Cricut Access or Canva Pro subscription, Glowforge Premium’s cost does seem exceptional. I sometimes wonder why there isn’t a $10/month tier that doesn’t include the catalog. The value isn’t there if you’re just subscribing for the convenience features (fonts, shapes, etc) and not the premade designs.


I’m here to help surface suggestions to the team, so please feel free to continue to reach out to me when you have feedback. Thank you!


Thanks for the heads-up. It’s literally been years since I bothered trying to get support for anything, so I wasn’t aware of the shift.