Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)

OSHA nor the UK’s HSE have anything on the books regarding max lifting weight for an employee. The US NIOSH has recommendations and I’m sure the U.K. has similar recommendations but they aren’t enforceable by themselves. Enforcement would fall under some other regulation, likely concerning not mitigating risk. To which they would say, well - every driver has a dolly.

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In the past, if your Glowforge got too warm, it would abort and potentially ruin your print. Now, it will just cool off for a bit and continue. The head will stop moving, but everything else will be the same. Coming soon: the UI will update to let you know this is happening, and we’ll lower the temperature limit to improve your performance. (In the interim, printing when it’s over 72 degrees or so may result in the laser not cutting through consistently - right now it only pauses when the temperatures are critical).”

@dan - I’m a little concerned by the lowering of the temperature limit. I live in Phoenix, AZ with summertime temperatures reaching/exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I keep my thermostat at 75 degrees and at times I feel like even that is a big ask from my A/C unit. Moreover, I planned on installing an A/C unit in my insulated garage, and turning it into my workshop.

It would be a real shame if the Glowforge won’t operate for 6 months out of the year. Am I reading that correctly? With a future update, the Glowforge will just sit there waiting for the temperature to drop to 72 degrees? In AZ, that could be a very long wait. Maybe that temperature limit is a tad too aggressive.

Having said all that - I’ll happily do some hot climate testing for you if you want to ship me my pro unit now!

Thank you!


By “support” they mean able to give cutting speeds & powers. GF has no way of knowing exactly what you are cutting even if you say 1/4" plywood. The 1/4" plywood you buy from Lowe’s today can be different from the 1/4" plywood you buy from Lowe’s next month or next week. Differences in glues, presence of knots, etc.


I’m in Lake Havasu, AZ and my thermostat is usually set at 80. I personally can’t tolerate it much cooler than that LOL but I’ll let you know if I have any temperature messages pop up. I’m expecting my unit to ship any day now.


From the announcement:

We’ll watch the first one closely, and the second one little or at all.

Perhaps there is a ‘not’ missing between the ‘or’ and ‘at’?

I did chocolate squares with my banana split :smile:


Here’s to hoping there’s more “Got mine” emails now that packaging has been redone!


I’m liking the “and smaller” part of the update - for those who are picking up from mailbox places. I thought my car was pretty roomy but it didn’t fit the (Glowforge, Materials, and the Tray) on the “correct side up” - I could have turned it sideways and they would fit… but I didn’t want to risk it.


And here’s the link to the engrave calibration template posting (with attached template) I did:


Did you get the pro or basic? Did you see @Tom_A post? Seems like the new firmware is already causing issues.

Whoops! My bad! I remember that confection! :laughing: :yum:

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I purchased a Basic. @Tom_A’s post was before the new firmware roll-out. The new firmware will not cancel the print like what happened to Tom, it will pause the print until it cools down.

Hopefully this doesnt cause any issues because my house is always warmer than that, even in AZ “winter” with the windows open.


I didn’t catch that it was pre-firmware update, I guess I was reading out of order. I don’t think his job was cancelled though, more like refused to even start in a 76 degree room.

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Natesland do you use a mister on your ac compressor section? The efficiency boost may help you keep the cutter running longer. I’m getting overheated just thinking about it. :slight_smile:

I saw in another post that you ordered the Pro, so don’t fret about it. That one has built in “chillin’”. :sunglasses:


I like the “snap out the handles and it unlocks the lid for easy removal” on the box. That should make getting the GF out of the box way easier. And those carrying handles may make it usable as an occasional carry box for taking it to the occasional Makerfaire or someplace.

The other big thing is the “it’s smaller and easier to store” - that’s huge since we have to keep the box to ship the GF back for tube or repairs.

@Dan do these new boxing features cause the replacement box cost to go up? (I recall it was $199 if we needed a new box.)


No idea of his cooling situation but I know that my house can vary a number of degrees from the location of the thermostat.

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No, in fact I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. Is that a thing? I think I’m about to start googling!

Yes, especially in your area where misters work well, the best ones I’ve seen use a flap switch to turn on the misters when the fan kicks in. Looks kinda like those old flaps on tractors when the engine runs. Anyway it effectively lowers the atmospheric temperature around the unit making it expel the heat better. Its easier on the AC unit some AC units actually submerge the coils in water for better cooling. I have a window box unit that has a partial submergence using the condensate from inside the dwelling.
Go ahead a google it, you find things to peak your interest. Oh if you unit it on the sun side of your house you may just want to add one of the glowforge screens to shade it that will help but not as much as the water. One more thing the water won’t hurt your unit it made for exposure.

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Oh almost forgot, some guys use the burlap from swamp coolers and run water through that. It gets more complicated, because of water usage, but it work as well. If you interested look up desert submarines while your searching…

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