Dispatches from the front (Pre-release report) or Friday night frivolity


Friday night and the wife is out helping at a school fundraiser. Kids are all grown or in college. Dog is asleep.

What to do?

Let’s see, there’s some ice cream in the freezer. Some whipped cream in the fridge and this!

Hmmm…banana instigating wanton consumption of empty calories?

Peel it back and what do we have?

Well this has fate written all over it (metaphorically speaking as it’s clearly Glowforge Food!). Grab a couple of pints of ice cream, the aforementioned whipped cream and a couple dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares and we’ve got (what passes for) a wild and crazy Friday Night Forge Feast!

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I knew it was only a matter of time before we had a lasered banana. Kudos for keeping it clean!


I said my wife wasn’t home :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Silly man!! :yum:


Making me hungry! :relaxed:


Was quite delicious. No noticeable taste effects from the lasing. Even the chocolate squares survived - but those were 70% cocoa which seems to stand up to “burning”.

The banana smelled kind of toasty delicious. And it tasted like an unadorned banana split so that worked well too.

Interesting exercise working without the crumb tray and figuring out what to tell the GFUI the material thickness it was.


Chuckle! Can’t believe the chocolate didn’t melt all over the place! :yum:


Chocolate engraves pretty well. It makes a cute gift when you personalize chocolate for someone. Just go low power and high speed (& with the GF, med-low LPI - at least until they give back the low power control).

You can get good chocolate in blocks that make a great canvas for engraving.


And my mom keeps asking me what I can do with this thing…hypothetically. :grin:


Hilariously awesome!

Can’t wait until I can… monkey around with my Glowforge.


You should clearly not be left alone to your own devices…lmao. What a hoot…


In the future, please put a banana next to your laser projects for scale. :smirk:


Thanks a bunch for showing us ! :monkey:


Babana split!


Banana engraved with “International Ruler of Mystery” for scale.


I think lazering food counts as pre-digestion. Plus, a few calories burned before consumption is good for weight control. Hmm…the glow forge diet…


Chocolate engraves better if frozen first from what I have heard.


That looks marvelous!


I think a banana ruler is a must have!