Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)


Must admit…the privacy screens have some definite squee appeal. :squeeee::hedgie:



I got a new $6,500 heating and air system if you wanna trade for a pro, jus’sayin…



thanks for the update, man. the setup sticker is very cool looking, and it’s good to hear about packaging improvements; i’m sure that was getting frustrating to see.



Could we get some sort of update on shipping pace? Should we be confident in the current timeline? Thanks!



Great but UPS only use one person to deliver it. How easy is it for one person to carry it?

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No mention of delays, but it’s pretty obvious from the lack of “I got the e-mail!” threads that shipping notices have stopped. Fingers crossed that they just didn’t want to send any out with the old boxes, and that they’ll start up again this week.



they’ve said from the beginning that two people should carry it. ups is generally supposed to have two people on most packages of this size; hopefully the new packaging is more resistant, regardless.



That now looks like a proper box instead of the amazon box before

Now to see when units start to go out the door if it will be delivery’s this week hopefully but realistically late next week deliviers

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I was expecting a reason why there has not been more “I got that email…” but then I realised the team might of slowed production release due to the amount of users receiving their units in bad condition. I mean yeh it sucks to hear this is another delay, but im sure by the time we (internationals) receive our units, we wont have to stress and wait EVEN MORE when our machines are sitting in our studios… I’m kinda happy theyre trying to nail down the packaging and securing it…



Have you ever had a UPS delivery with two people? I have never had a courier delivery with more than one person unless it was white goods and they are companies that specialise in them, not general couriers like UPS and Fedex. I have had very heavy stuff delivered by one person many times. When it gets crazily heavy so one person can’t possible carry it, e.g. 180kg, it comes on a pallet with a pallet trolley, still only one person though.



I would like nothing better than to use my Basic around the clock and add a PRO to the arsenal. But this will depend upon the quality of the equipment and my creativity, or lack thereof.

I am optimistic though.



yes, more than once. but then i also had a guy have to drop off a treadmill by himself.



Yup, so true… makes me wonder if there’s a business idea in there. I mean people walk around with suitcases weighing like 25-30 kgs all the time, but they have wheels. I wonder how expensive it would be to build a pair of wheelies into cardboard boxes for just this purpose? I wouldn’t help them get it off the back of the truck but it’d solve one problem.

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It’s really not feasible for one person to carry that box in its “THIS SIDE UP” orientation. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I can’t imagine somebody accomplishing that alone.



“…unsupported topics like third-party air filters, non-Proofgrade materials, and just about anything else we don’t officially support.”

Have I been missing this aspect of the Glowforge, or is this the first mention of using the cutter/engraver on anything other than Proofgrade materials being an unsupported activity? The video that got me to order made it sound like Glowforge could be used to cut just about anything… even chocolate. Is Proofgrade chocolate in the works?

These updates have an uncomfortable habit of adding new restrictions to coverage in a quiet manner. Almost as if they are trying to see if anybody notices it. I haven’t read all the responses yet. Is this something we are discussing?

Proofgrade seemed like a nice additional purchase for getting started. A “nice to have”, not a necessity. When did it become the blades for the razor?



Of course it’s unsupported. You can’t expect one company to support some other company’s products. Glowforge can’t control the quality of somebody else’s materials. They can only support products they manufacture/sell. Nobody said you can’t try to cut whatever you want. That’s all up to you. But if you find out can’t cut some random material, you can’t expect Glowforge to help you do it since they’ll have no idea what the chemical makeup, consistency, etc. is.



I think there has always been a distinction between what Glowforge is “on the hook” to support and responsible to make it work “right”. That stops at Proofgrade material. Glowforge cannot be held responsible for other companies materials and what is in them.

Before Proofgrade material became a thing, there were zero materials that Glowforge were “responsible” to make work “right”.



Please name another laser cutter on the market that doesn’t support cutting materials they don’t sell. I’m new to this, but a toaster maker doesn’t restrict the bread you can toast. They provide guidelines for use.



What Proofgrade materials do is automatically load the Speed, Power and Focal Point settings for you. If you’re not using Proofgrade materials, you can enter your own settings manually. (It’s not difficult, and the values are floating all over the forum. Don’t know that we’ve seen chocolate but engraving on guacamole for sure.)

It’s not a limitation. Proofgrade is something designed to make your life easier.



Looking forward to updates on international shipping! Hopefully the packaging upgrade goes a long way to making them possible