Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)


This is for discussion of the latest update.

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Holy passthrough. Love it!


Was that setup sticker always there? That’s pretty attention grabbing! :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear the updates regarding the new packaging – that should go a long way!


Those privacy screens are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time, and I’m not even getting a Pro!


Nope, that’s new.


Brand new. :slight_smile:


I so excited for my pass through. Also more padding in the box. I hate returning things.


There appears to be a LOT more foam inside the laser case for shipping.


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing about the new packaging from those receiving their units later this week or early next.


Those screens are impressive! Fantastic update


No mention of delays and no ‘maybes’ about delays either… it is what wasn’t said in this update that i particularly liked.

@Dan, are there any hints you can offer on how the International process is coming along?
It will be exciting to see some Internationals get some Laser-Love.


I’m still betting on another delay, though I hope I’m wrong. That privacy screen pic makes me wish I got a pro.


Plenty of good news in the update!

Lets see that production line start cranking!


Thank you for the update! Good to hear about the updated packaging. It’s too bad you have to compensate for abusive delivery folks, but glad you addressed it.

That screen is awesome! I will adore my basic when it arrives, but will still admire the pro from afar :heart:


Those screens and so many of the use cases I’ve come up with using the pru screams that I made the right decision going pro.


Honestly, for a long time, when people asked which unit to buy I reassured them that they couldn’t go wrong with the Basic. But we’ve been able to squeeze some real awesome into the Pro. With some of the latest stuff we’ve been cooking up… I think people are going to be jealous. :slight_smile:

Pro User Insights

yes. Just a bit.
I’m happy to have a basic on my desk, though.
Maybe in a couple years we’ll justify an upgrade. You are providing incentives.


If the pass through door handled thicker materials I might be jealous. :slight_smile:


@dan thanks for the update! I am so glad to see improvements on the packaging! :smiley: keep up the great work. It’s so close!!!


Great Pass through example!