Discussion of June '17 update

Really? Huh.


You disagree? :smile:

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I don’t think its hard work. I just do what I’d normally do if I had my forever 'forge. If something goes boom I send an email. Glowforge in no way is requiring us to fill out daily forms or any specific tests of any kind.


No they certainly don’t require it. Perhaps it’s just the way I’m wired.


A lot of you have it rough with your friends & family. Nobody I know could give a crap that I don’t have it yet or that it’s been delayed.

And I probably would have cancelled by now if my wife hadn’t kept me in the game. While I’ve voiced mixed emotions about still being here, now that production units are shipping I’m glad I stuck around - even if I end up waiting a bit longer for my pro and even longer for my filter. After watching carefully here, I’m confident it will all be worth the wait.


I’m confused by this question.

Theoretically, anyone who doesn’t have the product yet has the risk that we’re lying and will not refund or send them a product.

I really don’t understand this question either, but if you’re asking if employees get machines first: thank you for reminding me of another example of where not everyone is treated equally. Employees who are regulars get ‘special’ treatment. Special in that they’re not getting production units yet, regardless of their order date.

Note that upgrading does not change your order date, but does mean that you’re in a different category as pro shipments won’t start until the end of the month. When they do start, we’ll go by order date for pros.

I apologize if I was unclear when I said: “This is a fictional example”.

What I meant by that is: “This is a vanishingly unlikely reason for a delay, since we’ve anticipated it and prepared for it, but is a sample of the sort of problem that we might have overlooked inadvertently. It is not, however, a problem that we believe will affect us, since we have had an independent testing facility inform us that it will not.”

So it is not foreshadowing, in the typical sense of hinting at a known or suspected future outcome.

I should also note that they performed similar low-temperature tests.

I’m sorry we let you down. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that it is worth it.

Jeremiah - I’m so very, very sorry. It’s not much but if there were any problems with the refund, please just let us know.

Thank you, and I am so sorry for the additional wait.

It’s actually not water, but a proprietary coolant. Nothing to the rumor that its production involves making unicorns cry, I assure you.


The notion that staff might get ‘first dibs’ on their orders is bizarre for another reason: Staff have access to work all day on company-owned units in the office. I highly doubt they need one everywhere they spend their time, 24/7.

If I worked in a popcorn factory, I don’t think I’d be too anxious to take bags of it home at the end of the day and make a meal out of it.


You have no idea how much the staff wants Glowforge units at home. We all love our product and wish we had more time to play with it. Not exaggerating - I get the ‘when do I get mine’ question a lot.

My kids are also very annoyed at having a rotating series of 'forges at home, never one available when they want it, and want the one THEY get to name. (“Factorforge” is, I believe, the leading contender)

My kids are not normally entitled but when it comes to Glowforge access…


In that case, I’m sure it’s a great motivational tool for staff to put their best efforts towards getting through the back-orders ASAP. :grin:

I sense many Bring Your Child to Work days in your future…


Same here, no one in my inner circle cares about my laser lol


Hmm, according to this out-of-context segments of quotes, the coolant IS unicorn tears! I knew it!
:unicorn: :cry:


@dan quite disappointed I had emailed before making my purchase again as my credit card was tied to the glowforge originally and had a refund for a long wait time with several delays.

I was told orders placed now would ship by august then I placed my order and now I am reading this.

feel quite disappointed…

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I’m sorry, @jensenvphilip. If this changes your mind, we can issue you a quick refund - just let us know.

Hi Dan, sorry yah I can’t accept that a few days later another big delay after being told it will ship by august.

I will ask for a refund and buy elsewhere.



I have nothing up my sleeve at the moment (but thousands of floaties in my noggin) but I’m on the hunt! Gracias Señor for the offer I will take you up on it.


One of the very MANY. Xboxes notoriously have POOR big quality.

Although depending on the context in which one may take the comment “where will the rest of the Fractured States of America get their fruits and veggies?” that could also be taken as “Fruits and Nuts” since it seams a good number of them come from Cali as well but I think think/know they have other more pressing issues due to the way they like to give free hand outs to non-citizens which has put the state in to a financial downward spiral for years that and they re-elected Gov. Moonbeam who was largely at fault for this. Just some of the reasons I left the state to begin with.

Too bad. Unicorn tears would make a stellar coolant.


I’m hoping so. Hard to imagine a better coolant, unless we can make frost giants cry.


I am amazed at the temperature remarks. Wasn’t plgheaded, who was just delivered a production unit, in Tucson? What’s it running in Arizona right now, about 108 degrees?