Discussion of June '17 update

By popular request, we’ve separated the discussion from the announcements. This post is for discussion of the June '17 update.


Very detailed update and very excited to get forging!


Thanks for the detailed update and sending it out via email to everyone. I truly appreciate the extra work that means and that you were willing to do it. Also my sincere kudos to both the Glowforge and Flex teams for hitting this major milestone. So looking forward to getting my machine!


I’m really excited that the pro’s are starting to ship soon. I was worried when I saw that basics were going out and not pros. Now I know that they are coming soon too. I can’t wait until someone receives the first Pro version so we can get a first hand account of it’s features.


I’m disappointed to see that @dan continues to claim that alignment via the lid camera alone is accurate to any reasonable level, and that you can “manually align” with the lid camera alone.

Eventually (perhaps) this capability will be available once the head camera works in concert with the lid camera, but for now, any attempt to “manually align” will lead to poor results.

Even if the lid camera is operating perfectly, there is no way that it can do accurate alignment if the material has any warp at all.

I know I’ve been beating this point to death over the past years, but with @dan’s continued insistence that it is working accurately, I feel the responsibility to repeat this warning.


Well done Dan & Glowforge Staff

I recognize that you haven’t been able to tell us 100% of everything, but I personally feel that you have been transparent about the process. That has kept me on this train.

Thank you.

(edit: forgot to thank the staff too!)


Great update!
I was so happy to see the video of the awesome people at Flex making Glowforges! Quick question, what the heck is this tool? It looks like it is from the future.


For those of us who ordered a Basic Unit + Air Filter, can we have them shipped separately?

Essentially, I’m tired of delays and while I do actually think this is the last one, I would feel much more confident in the company if I at least received something. I’m also relatively close to the front of the line as far as I can estimate, and would expect to receive a Basic Unit closer to now than September.


Ok i really like the black crumb trays. They really do make a big difference in appearance.

Thanks for the update.


This would be a CMM (continuous measurement system). Used to measure the parts and ensure that everything is to the right size and in the right place.

This one in particular looks like it’s one by Faro.

Faro Arm


Has been answered several times before deep in this forum. Yes. When your Basic (or Pro) is ready they will ask if you want it shipped or if you want to wait for the filter.


Yes you can definitely do that… You’ll get the option of receiving the basic unit first or them both together later in the year when you get “The email”.


It’s a very precise booper. It boops objects at different points and can tell you how far apart or how coplanar they are.


Thanks. I thought I remembered seeing it, but now that the thing is actually shipping I wanted to double check.


I guess “precise booper” is the technical term right? :wink:


Exactly, “CMM” might be fine for the average layperson but “precise booper” will let people know that you’re an expert.


Yes, you have the option of accepting the :glowforge: without the filter, or having them shipped together when the filters are shipping.


Thanks for the update @dan! The crumb tray looks sweet! Hopefully they’ll be ready by the time mine is ready to ship!


Having produced and sold things that people preorder, and having them ask me for weeks or months when it would be ready, I truly understand the personal pain that is involved in having people’s money and expectations weighing on you. Now that we’re close, the anxiousness in waiting for that email is just the worst :wink: and I know how all my customers feel.

Soon, hopefully VERY soon, I will be able to let out a little whoop of joy when reading my email. Keep forging ahead!


I wondered how soon the forum was going to blow up after the latest update. This update was really the best we’ve seen so far, I.e. It’s really happening! Especially the “no need to wait for an air filter get it now” portion. Lots of details, long awaited flex reveals, a schedule look…This is what we’ve been waiting for.