Discussion of mid-March 2018 update


This is for discussion of the new referral program and other aspects of the mid-March update.

Note that emails will be rolling out all day, and different folks will get different emails. (We’re particularly sensitive about the emails we’re sending to international folks, since it’s frustrating that we can’t fulfill all those orders yet - even as we have domestic units available for delivery now). You should see all of them by the end of the day, and I’ll post the content of the emails here for the curious.

Mid-March update

What do you mean International customers get a free unicorn? Where’s MY free unicorn? I think this whole thing is a dirty SCAM!


My unicorn arrived today, intact, but I did not get a shipping notification from UPS. Also, the Import Duty of Unicorns is less than I expected. Only 100 grams of fairy dust!


I regret to inform you that the unicorns are delayed due to compliance and logistics issues related to certain unexpected unicorn byproducts.


Unicorn poop is flammable so I can understand your issues.


That sounds like a safety issue… not to be discussed here… :wink:


That’s just for international though, right?


Pro or Basic… Does the Air Filter address the Unicorn Poop??


Why do you think the filter keeps getting pushed back? Anyone can make an air filter; not anyone can make a Unicorn Poop filter.


Just for you, my friend - the world’s smallest unicorn, playing the smallest violin that is feasible for a unicorn to play.



Dangit! I’m still waiting on my box of certified unicorn by-products.


Looks like a typo in the original post: should be https://glowforge.com/referrals


You mean…ProofGrade unicorn by-products…with a barcode.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I saw new lower pricing mentioned in the email. What does the new pricing look like?


You know you’re over the hump when your Discussion Update has more feedback on unicorn by-products than complaints about shipping and breakages. Good on you and your team!



Anyone else getting the 404 error when clicking on the Glowforge for a friend link?


@jbmanning5 earlier said there was a typo

Looks like a typo in the original post: should be https://glowforge.com/referrals


I love that I’m able to work with the Glowforge fulltime and pay bills with it… but, my favorite thing might actually be being able to whip up sarcastic little gifts in minutes.


Oops, thank you! Should be fixed now.