Discussion of mid-March 2018 update

Been here since the earliest of days and my jimmies have been rustled a few times.


I do understand; I almost didn’t send it to international customers. Just so domestic folks know, international emails included this:

PS: I know it’s a little unusual to talk about referring friends when your Glowforge hasn’t arrived yet. I almost decided not to bother you with this email - but I also didn’t want you to miss out on the $500 cash (or $600 credit) referral benefit. So please accept my sincerest apologies that you are still waiting, and ignore this message if you’d prefer not to participate. As always, you can find your shipping notification date right now at your account information page.

I realized some people would be upset for receiving it - but also that others would be upset if I didn’t send it to them. Right or wrong, I decided that it was better to share the information with everyone.

I do apologize that we haven’t been able to clear your country for shipment yet (at least, I think so, since you’re talking about a 2 month delay). Most countries are, but we still have a few big ones that are taking longer than forecast. I’m sorry.


International order start ship, but my delivery date push from May to July at the same time! I just can’t feel excited as your email said!

My Aussie purchase price on 16 Oct 2015 was US $5378 for a Pro, Filter & 2 * delivery charges

Nice Tim Wilson reference :grin:

I’m one of the Canadians who picked it up in the states. It went very well. I did get stuck with border fees, but I think I would have to pay those anyways when having it shipped.

The drawback is if you get a defective unit, you need to drive back to the states and to send it back. That did not happen to me, but I was willing to take the chance to get my GF sooner.

I wrote a post about it here: Bringing the GF across from the US to Canada

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Mine was shipped to Miami and asked a special courier to bring it for me. Shipping to Paraguay is an impossible mission… customs, tax, weird charge, wait for long, nightmare…

I have not received my email requesting my shipping address for my Glowforge and I am one of those living in the US. According to the forum, announcements, whatever, I should have received an email on or about March 6. I did not.

I checked my email on my profile to make certain it was correct. It is . All my contact info is correct, yet there has been no contact regarding shipping. I am scrupulous when watching for that email. I have waited, along with many other people, for more than a year and a half for a very expensive purchase, yet Glowforge is not making good on its promises. Again.

You should probably email support or post in the problems section to get it resolved.

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I just did. I am sorely disappointed with this. I have no idea if they will ship to my billing address, if the Glowforge will just be dropped on my front porch, in which case I am afraid the porch pirates will come and steal it from me. Yet, they are asking for referrals.

Thank you for responding.

They definitely wont ship until you confirm your address and agree to the terms and conditions.

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Hahaha…have your fun at our expense. Must be nice not having to sit for 3 years on your expensive investment never knowing if you will ever see it. My friends gave up even asking about it a year and a half ago. Then to have an email asking me to refer others to purchase this wonderful product that I have never actually seen in person let alone used, all while sitting in a country that has virtually the exact same rules and regulations concerning manufacturing. Yeah I don’t believe for one minute the BS that is coming my way and your glib attempt at humour (yes that is the way to spell it) kind of pisses me off to be frank.

I never received anything to confirm or agree to.

reach out to support.

I have. I also started a topic entitled “Where’s my Glowforge?”

You should get an email from Glowforge Customer Service hello@glowforge.com with subject “Would you like your Glowforge now?”. In it there is a link to confirm your address and agree to receive it with incomplete software or wait for the filter or software.

Thank you so much for that information. I have not received that email. A long time ago, I created a special mailbox where all Glowforge emails go. It’s certainly not in there. I hope you did not experience this snafu.

Unfortunately is appears you can legally sell in the US without getting safety approvals. So although the UL and CSA are similar they haven’t got NTRL certification for the US yet, or certainly hadn’t not long ago. But you do need it to import into Canada.

No I got my email late at night on the day they had been forecasting for about a week. Prior to that it had moved between end of Jan and middle of March. Opted to wait for the software to be complete.

Please send a note to support right away! When we hear about situations like this, it almost always turns out to be a spam filtering problem, but they can verify that your email has been sent and help you get through it.