Discussion of November update

We’re going global!

I had to read this over three times to convince myself it didn’t say “We’re going Glowbal!”


Maybe that’s what it should say! A little too cutesy, though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Same mouths, too.

We connected through Seoul, but - they live for it. They want the longest plane-flight vacations possible. That’s because airplanes are the only place they get unlimited video game time…

Added to the hopper!

This is brilliant!


There’s a few of us brits around! I’m already running 2 machines probably 10 hours a day. There is quite a bit of comfort knowing that parts are near by.


Loved the pie recipe. Triggered my way back machine about an olive tree.
It was getting wild so I trimmed it. A lot. Next thing I know I have an amazing amount of olives. I turned to the best gardener I know and asked mom how to go about preparing them as a food item.
She said, grab a large bushel. When it is full, drag it to the curbside for pickup. Then go to the store and spend a buck for a jar of olives.

So, no home made olives for me…

As an aside - DO NOT toss large armfuls of olive tree trimmings into a burn pile. The flare went up at least 20 feet and took most of my eyebrows before I could properly leap onto my back (feet ignored the MOVE notice and stayed planted).

Happy November, everyone…


two words : OLIVE OIL



Great to hear that Glowforge set up shop in the UK. Too bad you just missed out of the EU with Brexit. Shipping may be cheaper, but it will take just as long and with import and customs charges…

Hope you cross the channel soon. The EU forgers will be very thankful.


I have two olive trees. Have never heard anyone else who has had them. I’m in Oregon. I just had mine pruned. I have brined a couple batches of olives from my tree, but they weren’t very big and were mostly pit. I have some every year, but never very big. I had one fairly large tree that I grew from a sapling, then bought two more (different varieties) to act as pollinators. Dogs broke off the smallest one, so now I have only the two. I hope that I too will now get an amazing amount of olives since it was pruned. Won’t know until next fall, now. Sounds like olive branches do like walnut shells do in a fire…yikes!

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You have to be able to harvest a huge amount of olives to make olive oil…and even then, its not a simple process and involves a certain kind of business that has equipment specific to that product.

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Can you get UPS next day air across the pond?

I live in Louisville home of the UPS air hub. dan could truck a bunch of parts over to me and I could run them out to the airport. :slight_smile:


Great to hear about the UK @dan :smiley: I am curious about how that reflects on the EU? Is the shipping from UK EU friendly (Amazon style) or do we need to consider taxes as well when shipping outside UK?

Also, I should be expecting the Backer giftcards to work on the UK store as well, right?

Actually never gave any thoughts to that olive tree, but look forward to a lot of olives if you pruned yours…
I was helping a friend pack to move out of state and they did not think the olive tree would get past the agriculture checkpoint, so they said take it.
It got removed from the large pot and was planted way back in the corner along with a huge passel of flowers handed over. Pretty sure I trimmed it because it was starting to block light from the flowers.
Only flowers blooming back there now in a wild state of affairs, so still no homemade olives. I anticipated an Iron Man event with those flowers and was actually curious which would dominate. Just a lot of intermixed color, so flowers aren’t as mean as I thought.

Good catch with those eyes @trually , I missed it first glance but very obvious once pointed out.

With the UK not being part of the EU anymore it’s just like buying anything else from outside the EU. (at least for the Netherlands) This is the formula for NL (price + shipping)*1.21+handling fees.

Will there be a new part on this forum or will there be a glowforge.co.uk?

I know - But I’m just wondering if they’d make it easy, like Amazon, because dealing with imports is a pain, here in DK… Our postal services add obscene fees and delivery is typically much delayed
But still better than the issues when shipping from the US

. @dklgood I was trying to edit the cabin card. I wanted to change the font but it does not allow selection of text and when I tried to download the card to redo the text it says that downloading of the catalog items is not allowed. While you can add things you cant weld shapes or subtract things or alter them to your tast. Love the catalog would love to have some more control over the design.

What is the hopper?

You can delete the “Season’s Greetings” without much trouble. You will then have to add in your own text that cuts the new phrase you want.

cabin card


You can subtract things - sometimes you might need to ungroup first. Welding would be a nice add.

I believe the non-download is a security measure. Many files that have been posted in the free designs section of this forum have been stolen and sold on Etsy or posted on other sites without the creators permission or attribution.

Creators work hard to make their designs and get them specifically GF ready. Personally, I’m glad there’s a secure place for them to sell their work.
Catalog designs are also vetted at GF hq to make sure they cut and assemble properly. It would be support nightmare if people could modify all parts of design and then come back and say something didn’t work.
Long winded way of saying I’m actually impressed and happy with how the catalog system is evolving.


I originally had mine in a huge pot on our deck, but like you, moved it to a back corner in the yard and it’s getting huge. I actually get quite a few olives, but they’re too dang small to do much with them. Hopefully, someday.