Discussion of October 2017 update

Yah. I have given up waiting on any help from the GF for Halloween prep. I’ll be running the old K40 as hard as I can. With my luck it will arrive 2 days before my Halloween party, and become as much of a distraction, than any real help.


I’m hoping for good news next week as I’m only three days back from the current regular GF ship date–fingers crossed…

I have several projects I’ve wanted to do while waiting for the Forge to ship when it was supposed to–trophies for a reunion (nearly a year ago), a 1-year anniversary gift to a couple whose wedding I officiated, Halloween decorations, various household repairs, etc. One I’m really excited for–I recently got back from Stockholm, and the natural history museum was selling original brass handles from their specimen collections. Hoping to use GF to make some museum-style drawers with them.

With the Forge always 2-4 months away, I let my TechShop membership lapse, figuring buying a yearlong membership for something I use largely for laser cutting would be silly once I actually owned one.

The missed date is frustrating, but just to be clear, the really frustrating thing is repeatedly getting my hopes up and then waiting with no updates, when signs of major slippage should have been visible far earlier, and expectations could have been adjusted. I am grateful you sent this one before next week, because I’ve been checking the forum daily for the past month, and bad news soon is far better than bad news later.


Before you are going to send everyone their individual timeschedule i think it would be helpful to ask every customer for their current location. in my case i moved from usa to germany, i already emailed your support about this but i was told that it is not necessary to tell them, because glowforge would ask before shipping…

So i am a international customer, who will live in 2018 in germany :slight_smile:

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This update was very interesting. I appreciated the insight into improvements for the camera system, for example.

I do expect my Day 30 order to be substantially delayed. Well, the dude abides.

Even if we don’t get release dates for software it would be nice to know what’s coming next, at least in general terms.

My assumption is Pro passthrough stuff will be last, because there are other missing features which everyone benefits from. I’d guess that passthrough features are related to flip ‘n’ cut, making that a higher priority to tackle first.


Waiting for over 2 years, what’s another 6 months and another 6 and another…


So what are new calculations on proofgrade bucks?

I have 10 months late on promises by my count. I was just assured 2 weeks ago that there would be no delay by support. Did I pay extra for empty promises or is that just an added bonus?

If I had heard the truth back in December, I’d have gotten a refund and used it towards a brand ready to ship. Long ago I stopped sharing my excitement. Instead I started telling people who asked about when I would get thatI cancelled the order because I felt like a fool. At this point I wonder if next week email will mean anything at all.


Great country, would move back there if i could!


No change - we’re still adding $20 for any additional month delay that a customer experiences.


And how much are we up to now? We who are still waiting.


Well, I expected it but it is still discouraging.

I’ll still wait for sending the schedule next week before leaving the glowforge adventure. I have to support my family, and with 2 handicapped children, I need to work here and now. These are not excuses or gifts that will enable me to find concrete solutions today.

I am not complaining, I explain just why I was disappointed that this project was not well conducted as expected. Fortunately, I think I may have found a solution in Europe …



I’m expecting a massive cheque on proofgrade bucks then.

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Thank you for the “shipping day number” updates, which made this easier to swallow, since it is both not a surprise, and also encouraging that so many have shipped.


Not positive but I think proofgrade bucks are at 5 or 6 months. That would be $100 to $120.

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If my numbers are right:
30 day pre-order campaign - $180
After that - $120


You mean the baseline software you advertised when pitching the machine? I do not consider this “future” software… it’s baseline promised. You owe us a date when the device you asked us to plop our money down will be ready. You are telling us you will be doing this with the hardware next week. Why is the baseline functionality in the software any different Dan?


@dan is there a way that international customers could order proofgrade material before the glowforge will be shipped? the hope is to get it together with the unit and to safe this way some shipping costs

whats about the ce certification? any comments on it?


I agree. I work with software vendors all the time and there is always a roadmap available to customers with estimated dates… and an understanding on my part they may shift a little here and there.



@dan Can you say which international country/region is still a problem in respect to certificates? E.g. “We have the certificates for europe but not for Australia”. Would be nice to know where the problem lies. As an international customer I feel kind of let down by your company - although I still have high hopes in the gf and believe in the idea.


I don’t think they have certification even for the US yet. It appears you can sell domestically in the US without it, unlike CE in Europe.


Like many other pledgers, I am not surprised about this new delay. my understanding of English might be poor but the usage of the word “shipping” is confusing me… have you manufactured all the units? Or are you shipping the already built units while the production is still running?

Also, international clients like me are really left behind… 0 units sent outside the US is difficult to accept. You proposed your product to whole world, you now have to handle international shipping.