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This topic is for discussion of the October update posted here.


Interesting about the foam insert non-delivery and the third-party part failure; I am assuming that was the cause of the recent slowdown in deliveries.

Glad that manufacturing continued through this though, this must be why we have a sudden flurry of units

Look forward to receiving an e-mail with an update on the delivery date


We’re working hard on it now. There’s a bunch of you aussies waiting for your forges. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Still unhappy with endless delays. The apologies are becoming meaningless to be perfectly honest.


I agree, but what else can ya do at this point? The good news is that we are seeing good progress in shipments! It was nice to have some insight into why the shipping slowed down there for a bit. Hopefully the majority of the mess is behind them now. So excited to get my forge still!


We’re unhappy that some of you have to endure another one. I don’t blame you for being frustrated with the apologies.


Can you give more details about the reasons for the air filter delay? Being a Glowforge customer is principally about having to assess the plausibility of continually changing delivery promises. The lack of information makes that difficult. I have seen no evidence that the things exist, which doesn’t inspire confidence.


Looking forward to the update next week.
Can we also expect an update on when the outstanding software features are being released? How long until pass-trough, kerf compensation, 3d-engrave…?


Thanks for the update — the waiting has been excruciating! I have so many ideas just waiting to try, especially using my love of graphics and depthmaps. I applied and would’ve been a great beta-tester! Very patiently waiting …


I see no mention of US certifications (NRTL). Can you speak to that?

A roadmap of software features and improvements would be much appreciated. Just a loose one would even do. Planned Q4 2017, Q1 2018… We WON’T hold you to it! Just want SOME idea of what’s to come.


Thanks for all the details and some behind the scenes of the challenging issues. I can’t imagine how the enormity of the project impacts everyone who is dedicating their careers to the Glowforge at the moment. I look forward to continued improvements and I hope everyone gets their lasers soon. Bummer about the filter and the International delays. That’s got to be tough for everyone slogging through the process and for those wondering if they will every get their laser.


Thanks for the update and some of the assembly challenges. I have been touring factors around the U.S. for over 60 years, always been curious how stuff is made. Back then-in the good old days :slight_smile: -it took 400,000 people to assemble cars, now there are only about 50,000 autoworkers.

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@dan You need more robots!!!


Unfortunately no - we’re not able to share technical and production matters in any detail before we’re shipping production units. That’s because as interesting as it is to our customers, it’s even more interesting to the companies out there who admire what we do and wish to be more like us. Many of you will remember that our explanations got a lot more concrete after shipments started for the Basic, and then again for the Pro - it’s the same for the Air Filter.

We don’t announce dates for future software releases.


GF: “The days of waiting for production are over - we’re shipping”
Me: Alright!! I’m getting my GF!

GF: “The key question now is when each Glowforge shipment goes out, and the answer for that is going to vary, person by person”
Me: Wait… what?? I thought production was done.

GF: “Our factory in Milpitas, California is setting production records and many of you will get your Glowforge as planned in our June schedule”
Me: Yea!! I’m getting my GF!!

GF: “Unfortunately, not everyone will.”
Me: So… I’m NOT getting my GF?

GF: “I’ll tell you next week.”


You make a good point, it’s obvious that the glowforge team is working hard and doing their best to make things happen. I think it’s been pretty obvious that there would be another delay but things happen and making thousands of something isn’t a walk in the park. I admire the glowforge team for all the work they put in. That is the logical part of my brain speaking. The emotional side of my brain is saying, holy crap we have been waiting so long and the delays are getting old. My wife has given up on ever receiving our glowforge and we will probably have to have a good long talk once the new schedule comes out. I can hope by the end of the year but even that is feeling a little optimistic. Sorry for the bummer post, just feeling a little bummed.


I don’t blame you for being frustrated. But please remember that the forum rules say posts must be G-rated, and edit out the profanity.
Edit - thank you!


Can you blur the profanity, please? This is an open forum with children and everything.

And… You just changed it. THANKS! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna strike a guess that Passthrough isn’t going to be finished until the push out the vision calibration fix.


I’m shocked. Never saw it coming. Lol


I hear ya. My halloween plans are pending on shipment, as have been my september plans, past christmas plans, birthdays, etc. I was lucky enough to receive a PRU in the meantime to take care of some of my needs, but as it was one of the first, it is quite limited in what it can do compared to a production run pro.

It feels so close, but yet so far away still… hoping we will get lucky =)