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Psych! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Looking forward to trying out this Light Plywood! I use the Glowforge for both work and play, and weight can influence profitability of a product a whole lot. A single extra ounce can be the difference between $5 in postage and $12 in postage.

I also have a whole bunch of things I designed for 3mm baltic birch plywood that don’t quite fit together right when made from Proofgrade Medium plywood because the Proofgrade is just a smidge thicker. It would be exciting to be able to use those designs again with Proofgrade Light Plywoods.

This does make the Glowforge Catalog a bit more complicated as far as keeping the right materials on hand to print whatever you want.


Halloween Made on a Glowforge!


@dan last year instead of going out trick or treating with the kids, I bought a couple of giant Costco bags of candy and my husband and I bagged them and hid them around the house.

My kids still dressed up, but instead of an hour walking around outside (our neighborhood was still celebrating Halloween like a normal year), they spent a couple of hours trying to find all the candies in the house.

If you do it, make sure to use water tight bags. My husband was a little too creative in his hiding places… like the ones hidden in toilet tank.


I’m really excited about the new plywood, especially as it will be closer in thickness to the “goofgrade” ply I use for prototyping. :squee:


“A single extra ounce can be the difference between $5 in postage and $12 in postage.”

Unless you’re a Glowforge customer outside of the states.

A single sheet of 12x20" Proofgrade plywood costs $87.64 to ship to Canada.

I have trouble getting excited about new products when international shipping costs for existing items are so mindboggling.


From the comments on one of their recent Facebook Live sessions, it sounds like GF is about to have real UK distribution of some sort. Hopefully they can do something in Canada in the future too.


Do you guys have any need for some System Administrator type support? I’ve been the IT world for a very long time and have a lot of good experience I could bring to the table

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I love this idea! And a little terrified about what happens to any bags we forget about.

I don’t think we have any sysadmin roles posted at the moment, but we always keep glowforge.com/jobs up to date with the latest!


As SO many parents learn in the spring, if you hide hard-boiled eggs, count them first! At least candy mostly just becomes bad tasting, not bad smelling.


This was never a problem for our neighborhood…we’ve got a family of skunks that find any we missed before it becomes a problem. (Adorable little buggers when they’re small too. You just want to grab them and cuddle them.)* :hugs:

*Not recommended.


I can now buy Proofgrade material locally, that’s so cool.


This is a real fear. I count the bags beforehand, but my husband gets so enthusiastic about his hiding places that he forgets where he puts them. So the game keeps going until all the bags are found. Kids are old enough now where they don’t grow tired of it.


We don’t do the real eggs. My kids love easter egg hunts…I think my husband really enjoys them too. And it only took one hunt where husband hid real eggs for me to say never again.

The plastic eggs now are filled with random goodies, pocket change…and slips of batsu game papers (penalty games). So there is always something really funny we get to watch the kids do (like push-ups after spinning around in circles) or do with them, like rock-paper-scissors where the winner gets a random shot at a bigger prize. Kids think it’s hilarious, reminds us all of the Japanese comedy shows we watch.

Anything we do that ends in tears of laughter is something we try to keep doing every year. Last year was our very first Halloween not trick or treating, but both kids said they had the best Halloween last year.

I just took a look back at the pictures from last year, and I found one where my son was standing on top of the kitchen counter. I just remembered that there was a bag of candy on top of the ceiling fan he was trying to reach. :unamused: :expressionless:


Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

I would love to see some sort of alternative to the current shipping.

Hey @dan … will the list of “select” Michaels include Canadian stores at some point?

(Never hurts to ask, amirite?)


yeh KNOW what would be FABULOUS??? - If one day we can drop our machines off at Michaels and get an exchange / repair / loaner (cough) (cough) (phlegm)




Perfect timing for getting into leather…leather, meet conductive thread :slight_smile:

This will be fun.