Discussion of September 2018 Update

This post is for discussion of misc topics in the September 2018 update. You might also be looking for:

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Great update! Good to read that things are getting better.

I was wondering if the iOS update will feature metrics too?

That’s a great question! I don’t think it’s in there yet, but we’ll put it in the feature hopper.
(BTW, I’m about to go into all-day meetings, so there may be a bunch of replies from me at the end of the day!)

Thank you for the Update! I was wondering how the international shipping of PG materialls is comming - by now I found some recourses but it still surprising complicated to get good laserable materiall :frowning:

FWIW, I’m sure it took some extra time but I like the broken out topic threads hitting the big points of the update.


We don’t have an estimated date for it yet I’m afraid.

Those are some fantastic projects in the new Glowforge gallery, many of which I haven’t seen before. Does stuff automatically go in there if it has the #glowforge tag? Or are the projects vetted?

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I believe our team adds them when they are looking through the #glowforge hashtag for potential customer spotlight candidates.


ah amazing mine made it in there!!

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I love the gallery!

Suggestion: add links to the original source post or even to the maker’s account, so it’s easier to follow some of these talented folks! Having to copy and paste their names in is slowing things down.


That’s a great idea! We use a 3rd party software package to curate the gallery so I don’t know if it’s possible, but @bailey will take a look.

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BTW - I hd stepped away from glowforge for a while to concentrate on other projects (rebuilt a 1975 mini) but now that I have some time to tool on a couple little projects to add some goofy bits to the other projects for fun… even through I whined a coupe times here and there - I love the glowforge. I love the promise of it and am thrilled to see the software evolve and get better. the UI around saving custom versions of the presets is spectacular. there are a lot of little things that I know took a lot of thoughtful work on the part of many folks to get right and roll out. So, thanks Dan and team. I will also always be looking for the next version to get better - but it is important to go back and look at the things that have evolved in a great way. Thanks!

p.s. and now I’m looking forward to snapmarks to make custom inlays for some trim pieces on the mini.


Closing since the October update is out.