Discussion of the April '18 update

The walnut and cherry are (4 x $16) + $1 = $65.

The maple is (4 x $11) + $10 = $54, where one might expect it to be $45 based on how the walnut and cherry are priced.

I’ve done this, but it was before Washington required their cut on the tax. Just need to pay the GST when you bring it up

Ah, I understand. No, not a typo, just the way the pricing worked out.

It’s rare, but occasionally bulk isn’t the cheapest option. If one is looking to move items quickly bulk will be cheaper. If there’s high demand then smaller chunks maybe cheaper as a seller tries to limit the purchase of larger quantity but will accept the extra cash incentive to give it to you. But yeah it is odd due to its rarity.

Years ago Taco Bell sold 10 tacos for $10. Problem was, no drinks and the most expensive taco you could choose was only 89¢ so you could buy 10 seperate tacos and a drink and still get a few pennies change.


It would be impossible to ship a sheet of that material for a $10 flat rate. I suspect that the reason why the math doesn’t make sense is because the company is offsetting $10 or so on the total shipping of a package that size. So the math is not a fixed ratio. The alternative is to have a separate increased shipping charge on the oversize packages. Doesn’t matter to me.

Yeah I know, depending on how many sheets a person buys it is a good deal or a bad deal. I can see that post coming from at least one person. It will be a post I can ignore.

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Can we get this as a credit to the account? The Glowforge was paid for by our school and getting credit means we don’t need to make an order form for each time we purchase proofgrade.

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I think support can make that happen - shoot them a note as they’re the experts here.

So @dan what’s up with deliveries to Norway? Is there a difficulty getting through regulation garbage or something? I would think we had pretty much the same regulations as the EU seeing as we have to follow EU rules for pretty much everything.

There was conjecture earlier than there is a Norwegian regulatory body that is particularly concerned about laser injuries to children since Norway suffered a statistically abnormally high number. This is in addition to any EU regulations on the topic. These were largely laser pointer issues, but laser cutters also fall into their jurisdiction so we surmise that the regulatory body’s caution is causing extra delays while people explain how this new thing is different and not as likely to be misused by children. The company has not commented nor are they likely to, so this is likely all inaccurate speculation.


@Dan, thanks a million for the credit - I wrote to Support yesterday and received the credit this morning. I really appreciate it, I feel well looked after!
Now, if you could just open your European store so I can spend it on PG materials…


People have been surrounded by lasers for a long time, but always enclosed in a read/write drive or some other secure means. Now we got things that actually can be mis-used without tearing it apart and hacking the hell out of it. So regulation overkill is in the future for lasers.

Regulation overkill rises to the top in a lot of actions against new tech. There is a trend to make everything fit into a tidy box that is all inclusive. While this may make the law or regulation easier to write, it is an impossible goal and usually responsible for terrible law. Sweeping the good up with the bad.

I initially had plans to use a laser line for 3D imaging of people, statues, etc. The rig worked well.
Problem is, too many people were misusing those pesky pointers. What we ended up with is a law against painting people or animals with a laser, initially the red dot on a gun sight, but those pesky pointers caused it to evolve into an all inclusive laser painting (the feds already got the vehicle part of this covered. Bikes to planes – vehicle is rather open ended).

So instead of just being worried about looking suspicious as I laser lined a building or statues or groups of people, I was going to be busted and face huge fines.

I get it. Safety rules and regs are usually written in blood, but the push for zero tolerance (to make it easier to enact), instead of going after specific things, has a huge negative side.

Don’t know enough about Norwegian law to state if they can make the rules manageable or not. They can only hope for the best over there I suppose.

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Is there any particular reason for the late estimated delivery of GF Pro to the Saudi Arabia?
I guess it is not a production issue since you are shipping within days to the States!


Dan, that was an interesting update- thank you. I’d really like to know when international, or more specifically for me users in the United Kingdom will be able to purchase proof grade materials and download items from the catalogue?

It’s frustrating in a couple of ways that we are unable to purchase!


This was related to handheld laser pointers, which together with lasers used in the health industry have specialized rules.

The general rules is

  • Laser Classification - EN 60825-1
  • Class 2 above must be marked with danger sign
  • The laser must be marked with what class it belongs too.

Companies using laser have a few demands on them

  • Must have performed a risk assement
  • Have procedures on safe use
  • Ensure and document enough competence on the operator(s)
  • Report the use of the laser to the government.

I fail to find any resources on use of class 4 laser by private individuals. This might cause the holdup, but I am only guessing.

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The shield was going to be a magnetic thing right? I have these screw in pain in the butts. Safety first I guess. Haha

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Chuckle! Me too.

I guess they’re really not that bad, but I accidentally installed them upside down once and spent a week happily lasering away without even noticing. :smile::roll_eyes:

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Working on it! :slight_smile:

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It’s one of the countries where we haven’t cleared all compliance and logistics issues yet, I’m afraid.

Sorry if I missed this - but what exactly are the “upgraded components” available on the Plus and not the Basic? I’m trying to help a friend figure out which machines to buy for his school.

The Plus has the same higher powered tube that the Pro does, but does not have the Passthrough slot. Making it safer for unmonitored school situations (Class 1). It does not have the additional cooling for use in a wider temperature range.

Some of the Basic units tested by the PreRelease folk were set up with them. They can almost make it through half inch material in one pass. :sunglasses:

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