Discussion of the April '18 update


This thread is for discussion of the April '18 update.

April 2018 update

Keep those great updates coming!


Hi there. I don’t know if there is anything out there yet but would be lovely to have a small sort of tutorial on how to make the passthrough cut/engrave/score thing to be precise aligned !
Could not find it anywhere!
Sorry if there is already!
Many thanks!

Great updates!


Uh oh, the basic dropped down to a price that’s within my price range again. It’s going to be even harder for the wife to stop me from buying a second one now :sweat_smile:

Awesome updates. I’ve been looking forward to this month’s update to see where the company has been sitting. It feels great to see it still growing as well as getting closer to full fledged, rather than being in the beta stages. As for the app, my phone is Android, but luckily I have an iPad to test it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re hard at work getting air filters ready to ship - we know many of you are waiting on these, and apologize for the time it’s taken. Our team’s working to make sure this is the quality product you deserve.

There’s zero information here. Are you close? Are you far? There’s one person here that had a ESND of May 6. On a scale of 1-10, how disappointed is that person going to be?


Thanks for the update Dan and congrats on the success thus far! Keep the team focused and rowing in the same direction as you have been, and don’t sell the company now that you’ve made it this far! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@cordioli - we have a couple of tutorials here on how we are doing it now:


The upside to this being that if your GF can cut through a macbook, you could probably sell it to someone for much, much more than the macbook was worth.

… and GF gets to start selling the Glowforge© StarAnvil©


That’s as much info as anyone is likely to get… I have no idea what a “ESND” is, but but unless their current estimated ship date is before then, they should probably manage their expectations.


Oh, and @dan:



Thank you for the suggestion! We’re working on something to make it much easier soon.


The dates we share for each customer are the best information we have available right now.


@dan In regards to…

If you only just received (or haven’t received) your Basic and paid more than the current Basic price, please email support so we can take care of you.

Can you be more specific on the “only just received” part. I received mine on April 6. Would I qualify for a refund of part of the cost? I did pay more than the new price. Thanks for the help.


Same here. I received mine exactly one month ago. I effectively paid the price difference to have the Glowforge a mere one month ahead of the public. And the founder bonuses don’t even add up to the $500 price difference…


@MakerMatthew @erclin definitely send a note to support with the particulars!


The dates we share for each customer are the best information we have available right now.

If that’s true, then you must believe that it is realistic to think that that person will get a shipping notification in less than two weeks. In which case it is surprising that you did not relay a more positive message about filters.

If you do not believe that people might start getting shipping notifications in less than two weeks, then the dates you share for each customer are not based on the best information you have right now.

I guess we won’t have to wait long to see which it is.


Estimated Shipping Notification Date. Pronounced “isn’t”.


I already wrote this on the review of the IOS app. The period (.) is not available to me on my EU keyboard. We separate decimals with a comma. And if I use comma (0,25") I get an error.

Otherwise looks great, haven’t tested yet though! :slight_smile:


I’m still here in Canada waiting on my shipment. Now, when I go to my account I cannot even find where “Estimated Shipping Date” might be when I look at “May Account” has it moved?


How is the automated pass through allignment coming?