Discussion thread for Update #8: Latest Update on Shipping

Same here. As excited as I am, I am also very nervous of the outcome. Being a very small business owner, It took a lot for me to just out of pocket, this amount of money. I will add, I have tried and tried to see negative posting, and have seen very few here. Facebook, egh… some people. As this is a new machine, I am extremely curious as to what we can do with it. I will also, chime once feedback or my machine comes in.

it would be a great idea if our profile told us when we purchased. I think we bought on the 1st or 2nd day around the $800K raised but not sure of the date and if that matters in regards to shipment date.

If around $800K it was on the first day, Sept 24th. I bought somewhere in the $700K-$800K range. I received a “Glowforge Purchase Comfirmation” email at 5:48pm Sept 24th Eastern Time. And yes the order of shipment is loosely tied to the purchase order.

@rpegg I beat your order by 23 mins…That means my Glowforge should be arriving any day right?

You must have forgotten to account for the 3 hour time difference between us. I was going to comment that I already have mine. But then there are those that might believe it.


I agree on the word loosely…I discovered early on that there were folks with order numbers lower than mine but who ordered after I did. And vice versa. In my case, I sure hope they go by order date and not invoice number.


While I kind of wanted to help beta the thing, being unemployeed I have plenty of time, but I also need money… and my 4K for a PRO is just sitting there, cannot sell time on it, or work from it for a few months… so pondering canceling…

Are we allowed to in anyway sell or transfer our place in line? (Mine was Oct 15)
If we cancel will those with referrals lose a referral credit?
Just thought if I could sell it, that would kind of work out to be like splitting the difference and then I could put whatever I “gain” from it, towards the glow forge that I purchase later, so I get half a discount later lol.

Just thinking about it, not 100% sure I want too cancel yet…

@trish: That would require effort from people who are spending their time building your Glowforge. : )

@Xabbess, it is indeed by date. The “invoice number” is from the payment handler, not us.
@draconious_z, I don’t want to hold your money if you need it! Just email support@glowforge.com and we’ll get you a full refund right away if you want. But to answer your question, if you request a refund, your place in line and referrals are permanently deleted, whoever referred you will lose their refund, and the place in line & discount are not transferable. Please do be sure because there’s no “undo” if you request that!


Dan, I have a question about your statement below:

After accounting for warranty, service, and support, we’re selling it at the lowest price we can. In the future, we will sell it to retailers, who can charge whatever they want. We expect that the price will be much higher, and the MSRP - recommended retailer price - is on our homepage. But we have no idea what retailers will charge, and we can’t control their pricing.

In the future, when you sell to retailers, will you continue to take orders on glowforge.com, or will you stop selling units directly to consumers?

I believe he was asking about referrals in the other direction:

If I were to buy the glowforge, and use @draconious_z’s referral code, both he and I gain $100 in rebate.

If I cancel, then Drac is losing my $100 rebate. But… if Drac cancels, do I lose the $100 rebate from having used his code to get here?

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Ah! @jacobturner, no, we won’t go back and charge you more. :slight_smile:

@selesti, we haven’t decided yet if we’ll sell direct from our website.


Most retail chain suppliers charge full msrp direct to public. And that makes sense if you are in fulfillment for many reasons. Maybe the largest consideration is the infrastructure required to meet tech support and consumer relations commitments. In retail, the consumer can deal with the POP at least during the first 30 days.
Or maybe I have watched too many shark tanks.

No public word on anything to do with Beta units. Shipping has been discussed many time in the forum but the only recent news is that the CEO said three days ago they are currently on schedule to ship on time. The most detailed info is presented in the FAQ. http://faq.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/210277688-When-will-my-Glowforge-ship-

Bottom line… Nothing has changed since the original post at the top of this topic.


Happy Easter!
I check in every so often but I’ve kinda given up hope of a firmer shipping date or anything. I need something to play with so I’m buying a real 3d printer


Everyone should understand that there is just terrific synergism between a laser cutter and a 3d printer. Here is my main project. To pass time while waiting I printed those parts obviously appropriate on my Ultimaker 2.


Here’s a snippet of a conversation from Glowforge to a customer inquiring about shipping, posted yesterday (3/21/2016):

Thanks so much for asking Matt. Sorry that wasn’t totally clear up front.

The first Glowforge beta units are preparing for shipment now. Based on beta feedback, we’ll see if we can ramp production immediately, or whether we need to fix any issues before increasing production.


Wish I could give you better news but that’s the exact wording from the FAQ posted on Jan 12. It’s not new. Might be preparing to ship Betas, might not, might already.


You’re right, @rpegg. And a Google search shows the exact statement used numerous times by company reps for several months now. That’s a bit frustrating along with the statements that are ambiguous enough that people are trying to guess if private beta units are in the wild, if zero betas have been shipped, etc. I honestly thought we’d have a lot more transparency than we have seen to date.

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