Discussion thread for Update #8: Latest Update on Shipping

And yet almost a week has gone by and STILL no update…

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You could look at it like we get daily updates from the shipping banner at the top of the screen. Each day that it says end of June is another day that tells me they’re still on schedule.


My thoughts precisely. I’m a “no news is good news” kind of guy. (life is easer that way :wink: )

Agreed, But nothing like having your faith substantiated and patience renewed by a morsel form the CEO!
Dan understands that. He will give us what he can, when he can.
I have to wonder what life is like closing in on a fat deadline with the magnitude of what has to be accomplished.

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In a past life I did R&D where continued funding depended on achieving sufficient progress, often defined by meeting specific milestones. Life got real hectic a few months out from one of those, especially if it was a go/no-go milestone and progress was a bit questionable. It must be a bit like that for the GF team right now and I feel for whoever is responsible for the critical path leg.

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Hahaha! The voice of experience!
Excitement/tension/anticipation/trepidation - repeat…
Successfully navigating that to the goal has to result in an almost unbounded feeling of accomplishment!

I almost feel like writing some fan fiction. What I really think is happening. Some drama. Some befuddlement, some intractable hardware problem, a major code refactoring. Imagine what robot chicken could do here