Disk Golf

would I be able to print on a disk golf frisbee? I believe they are made out of plastic.

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You may be able to… but you should really find out precisely what the type of plastic they’re made out of before putting it in your laser.

Some plastics when put in a laser will destroy your machine.
Others will destroy your health.


A couple quick Google searches tell me most frisbee golf frisbees are made from: polypropylene plastic

Similarly searching for polypropylene plastic laser safe seems to indicate it may be safe… but might be a potential fire risk.

My advice… be very careful =P maybe hold off on using weird materials until you’ve got a little more experience with your laser under your belt :slight_smile:

Good luck!


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I have heard that modifying the disk makes it illegal, but I wouldn’t worry about that as much as I would wonder what kind of plastic I was engraving. As far as I can tell, the major types of plastic used are laser safe, but I didn’t look into very deeply.


Thanks for the info, will definitely research before attempting anything on these discs.

Bruno Serrato

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Not only is it basically a solid napalm, if it doesn’t catch fire, it will only run back into the kerf you cut and re-solidify almost immediately.

My kennels consists of hundreds of sqft of HDPE and PPL, and while it is an extremely versatile material for my uses, they really have limitations. They require a special (and very expensive) welder to join two pieces as there is no solvent, glue or cement for them. But that makes them great for areas that require frequent cleaning because nothing sticks to them. The also have a very low melting point.

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