Disney Acrylic Light

So my aunt’s bday just passed and she has a wall full of Mickey mouse plush dolls. I decided to make her a light with her and my uncles name on it out of acrylic. I went to Tap Plastics and I bought two different colored acrylic sheets. They have this new black acrylic that im thinking what i can do with it. Ill post a link to a video of it and maybe you guys can give me ideas. I made a small thing on it but I would need a big led light i think to show up beter. I did end up cleaning it later sorry for the finger smudges lol.



This is fun, looks good. I like how the light passes through the odd cut shape. I want to experiment with an off shape too.

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Well done

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Very Nice and a wonderful thought!

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I’m sure she loved it.

Well this is just plain adorable. I’m working on an edge lit sign for my niece (whose name is Annabelle, coincidentally :slight_smile: ). It’s my first but I’m having fun with it. Great job!!

Very cool! Where did you get the light that holds the piece? @mustymex