:: Disney Cruise Door Magnets ::

I posted these on FB before our recent Disney cruise, but now that we are back I thought I’d post here.
We took part in a FB group magnet exchange, a Disney cruise tradition. Since the stateroom doors are metal, people in the exchange make magnets for each other, then go around the ship and stick them on the doors. By the end of the cruise, our door was covered in them!
Anyway, here is my family’s contribution to the cause. We had a list of everyone’s favorite Disney characters, so that helped inform my character choices. They are PG Med Maple Ply (3" dia) with ceramic magnets glued on back.
For the designs, I snagged character images off of Google, then halftone-screened them in Ps to give them the look I wanted (and to hide the varying quality of the web images used). I personalized each one hoping to help prevent any “sticky fingers” from taking them on the public corridors. I made a few extra with character names on the banners instead of personalization to hand out to unknown new friends or helpful staff, etc.


Fantastic detail! Certainly looks a fun time for all!


The quality of the engraving is just amazing!


Small world (Pun intended.) We just got back from our Disney Cruise about a week ago.


those look great. how long did it take you to engrave each magnet?

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Those are amazing! Such stunning engraves! May have to make some Disney coins for my grandson.

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Chip and Dale are my favourite Disney Characters!!! Love how they turned out! Great job!!! Now I want to do a Disney Cruise!

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oh i love how the thick-to-thin line engrave look for the shading! Was that done with photoshop or in vector? I’d love to get clean engraving for shaded images like that!

EDIT: oh i should’ve read your post more carefully, you said it there that you did halftone in photoshop.


Very cute!

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Well, I’d have to do the math. But it took 3 hrs + 25 mins to engrave AND cut the front side
on PG sheet’s worth (15 magnets). The back sides took over 2 hours.

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So a little over 20 mins each.


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Very nice designs! I love these!!! Great job!!!

I love these! I’m a big Sci-Fi fan, but deep inside I am a Disney Girl – Jiminy is my fave. You did a fantastic job!!!

I asked my fiance’ about a Disney Cruise — his idea of a romantic honeymoon cruise did not include little kids and Disney. I had looked up Disney cruises awhile back and they said there were “adult only” areas – but he wasn’t sure if there would be enough of those for his liking. :wink: …and yes he has gone to Disney with me before. <<excuse me for hijacking the thread, I really wanted to know about the adult areas—wish they had an all adult Disney cruise but haven’t found one>>

@rharlem are you willing to share the file with a fellow disney fan lol i need to make somethin g for my FE for my upcoming cruise

Just a reminder from the FAQ:

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.


Those are awesome !!! On a (slightly) side note… how was the cruise? Being a big Disney fan, I always wanted to go on a Disney Cruise…

These are amazing!

I have been wondering since you originally posted your awesome magnet what this phrase means “*halftone-screened them in Ps *” — does this mean Photoshop? If so, I have used Photoshop since about 2005 for digiscrapping (and some photo editing), but no idea what that phrase means. TFS

are you willing to share?

Please see the post 4 before yours.

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