Dispatches​ from the front (Pre-Release Report) Aztec Edition

With all the SG1 folks here the acrylic edge lit portal escutcheon button ring & overlay has been done to death :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Having been there & done that, I figured I’d take @marmak3261’s Mexican discovery (Mayan Sunstone) and turn it into my Glowforge’s Big Glowing Button.

Not knowing how it would translate to acrylic (see my previous post for a wooden coaster comparison of the Calendar and Sunstone designs), I tried with some 0.118" clear cast acrylic I had in stock. I told the GFUI it was 1/8" Proofgrade clear acrylic so I could get initial settings.

Then I adjusted it for my thinner sheet and cut it out.

And with the button glowing.

Pretty cool, but the engrave was a bit coarse. Back to the project file and let’s bump the engrave settings - 675 lpi since I do have to sleep. I should have gone for 1355 as 675 only took a half hour. But the results are most excellent.

And with the button light pulsing.

The button plate has an outer ring that fits around the GF button and then an inner disc that sits on top of the button. I also made a non-engraved outer ring so I could raise the engraved ring’s bottom to be flush with the top of the GF button. That lets the inner engraved disc sit on top of the GF button and be held captive by the outer ring.

I like it but I think if I shrink the ring and the inner disc I can get it set so the outer ring slightly overlaps the GF button. I think that may provide a light path to the outer ring so it glows more when they inner disc is lit up. Since it’s sitting on the button and the disc floats inside the ring it should still let me push the inner disc to depress the actual GF button underneath. That’ll be tomorrow night’s little project before I wrap up a tea house.


Very, very nice!


Bah! I was going to do that one! Beat me to it! :wink:


That’s stunning. Wow.


I like it!!!


This will be my weekend button!


It’s beautiful, and the detail is just amazing! I like that you kept it clear instead of colored. My understanding of how the button works is it pulses different colors depending on what is going on with the machine, and you wouldn’t want to lost that.


This really shows off the intricacies that are possible. Thanks for the great pictures!


May I suggest, since it is Mayan,…that you do the inner ring with red acrylic so it glows reddish . Just a thought. :smiling_imp:


The detail is incredible! I can’t imagine what the 1355 lpi would look like!

now it looks like Dan is going to have to add a user customizable button to the hopper, ok maybe for the Glowforge 2, I don’t want to hold up the machines anymore.:grinning:

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That’s easy enough to add to the catalog…we can make our own! :grin:


I quite like the lo-res one. It looks like you stitched it! :slight_smile:

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Timelord writing may still not be done :grin: :tardis:

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I’m going to cut another tonight to see if I can get the outer ring to light more and this one will be 1355lpi :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the “light engrave” option for Proofgrade. I think it’s something like 175lpi.

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Awesome thought useing the light from the bottom to illuminate the artwork

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So cool!