Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - Limbo power edition

Second of my power tests. 20lb white copier paper. Standard Staples fare. I want to do some things with son #1 (Flash artist) for son #2’s wedding using various card & paper stocks.

What I did tonight is not possible on the K40 or Redsail. The power control on those simply don’t go this low.

Last year #1 son made this save the date announcement for his brother’s wedding. It’s a b&w pen & ink drawing (using a 25" Centiq tablet so I’m not sure any real ink was consumed in its production). But the result is there are an awful lot of point parts vs lines & solid shading. His brother emailed or texted it to friends & family.

It’s a different time then when I got married :smiling_face:

I used it as a pattern for a cutting board I gave them for Christmas last year.

With the new power settings I tried the engrave on copy paper on the lowest “lasing” I can specify with decent quality - 1/335/270.

Nice toast colored tan engrave. Showed the wife.

“Couldn’t you just print it?”

Sigh. :roll_eyes:

It didn’t noticeably cut through but there were tiny perforations where the drawing was dot dense.

The engrave shows through the back but there are also some some cut through visible when held up to the light.
They look substantial with the backlight but they’re not noticeably through the paper when looking at the front.

I am so happy to get this level of power limbo :grinning:

Son #1 will be too - we can give his creations life!

Did I mention that unlike ditto copies from my childhood memories, this smelled faintly of bacon? :bacon:


Very pretty! I’m not sure if it would work or not, but you could try defocusing the engrave. I got the best result with a paper focal point of 0.03 inches. (Smaller than that and it cut through in a spot or two, farther away than that and it did the same thing.)


Hmmm…I’ll keep that in mind when we start doing cardstock. I had the paper on a piece of 1/8" plywood because I wanted to give it a fully supported base in case it cut through and I ended up with paper bits - figured I could pick the plywood up and take the bits to the bin without having them falling into the honeycomb. Just used 0.130" as my focus point.


This sounds like the new #1 selling point.

Glowforge™: Make stuff smell like bacon.