Display box for shot glasses

My daughter wanted to be able to display her souvenir shot glasses. These are not her shot glasses, but I wanted to put something in the photo to give an idea of how it will look. I am shipping these to her today, and I will post pictures when she has hung them on her wall and placed her own glasses in them. I forgot to take a photo of the backs before I packed them for shipping, but I made keyhole hangers the width of the boxes with keyholes on each side so the boxes will not tilt when there is uneven weight distribution. I also made blank spacers the thickness of the keyhole hangers on the bottom so the boxes will remain plumb when hung.


I think you thought this through completely.


Great idea! I hope to attend Derby someday.

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The detailing about the hanging is crucial on this type of project. I always forget to the last minute :slight_smile:

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My daughter received the boxes yesterday, and her husband hung them today.