Display Riser/Shelf

So a while back I can some conversation here and there about my issues with a pattern on the catalog. The “Bookshelf” they have in the premium free catalog wasn’t getting the job done for multiple reasons and it was actually causing more of a hastle then it was worth. So I decided to make my own, and the. The project sat on the benches for about 3 weeks like all good project ideas do.

I picked the project back up again the other night and I’m estatic with the results!

Used proof grade draft board for my test cuts, even with it being draft board it held up quite well, and I was able to fully load it up as if it were on a table displaying wares. Now I can put deck boxes on it with cards in them and not worry about if it’s going to fall apart on me.

An additional feature I added was these hooks, for myself I’m using them to hold my sign in place so its higher up on the table, you can also use the hooks to drape a fabric or cloth down the back to make it look nicer and so it’s not showing through.

This version is the 1/8th sizing, I have another version that is for 1/4th wood as well but I don’t have any proof grade for that so that will be made with Baltic birch.

Is this something you’d like to see in the catalog? Let me know!


That looks great! I can see a definite use for it ‘different’ than the current one.


Oh now I’m curious!


:rofl: I just meant I can see different things at my house I could use that for!

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That came out great!


Great work!!!


Welcome! I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and great suggestions from these people. I know you will to!

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That looks nice and sturdy. Especially if I can use draftboard or baltic birch, as I, also, don’t have any 1/4". And yes, it should go in the catalog. :slight_smile:

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Amateur :joy_cat:I’ve got projects sitting half completed for over a year :sweat_smile:


I’ve only been doing glowforge since June I haven’t had years to procrastinate on projects!

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Well I have a large cross-stitch pattern I started eight years ago. I can see it from where I’m sitting, still in it’s maker frame. You’re both amatuers! :rofl:


I have an embroidery piece I started when my son was 7- he’s 25…