Distribute random feature along path (Inkscape)

Just for discussion, can you randomly distribute a feature along a path?

Think of a tabbed box, but strictly along any type of path, at random intervals, and with random size (depth/width)… Or text along a path, but random letters, sizing and spacing.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible and I’ll need to write my own code, but just wanted to poll the hive to see if I’ve overlooked something.

Hard to know how you’re intending this but here’s something kinda random…

Two paths.

Copy the straight line.
Fractalize the line.

Pattern along path. Change options to suit you.

Break apart/ungroup the new copies.
Delete the fractalized line.
Paste your original line back in.

Semirandomized. Not sure how to give them more arbitrary spacing.



OK I got another idea, use the tweak tool.

Two paths.

Pattern along path, delete original path (if you want). Get out your tweak tool.

Tweaked! But the pair on the left are too close together, don’t like that. Manually shift or use the unclump button on right (highlighted).

Unclumped! Randomized and along the path.

That does it, right?

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Those are good suggestions.

I lost the original post where I described in more detail, but I should have added - this will be for several dozen modifications along the paths, every one will be unique (random), then somewhere around 100 different completed objects to be cut.

Here’s a grossly simplified example of what I’d like to create automatically, and at random - this started as a rectangle:

Appreciate the feedback.

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Huh, looks intriguing, but that’s a pretty specific thing… maybe some of the randomizing in tiled clones plus the scatter arrange button might do it?

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Does Inkscape have an equivalent to Illustrator’s scatter brush?

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