District 9 costume

For Halloween this year I went as “Wikus” from one of my all time favorite movies, District 9!
The “Arc Gun” was made with EVA foam mats and thin hobby foam sheets, cut out by the Glowforge. I 3d printed some parts, like the barrel. The 3D printed file I used for some parts came from Josiah Allen-Litchmore (https://www.myminifactory.com/object/arc-gun-district-9-4870) There are two water bottles and a 5 hour energy container in there too. I’ll have to share my settings for cutting the foam. It was many passes, to cut down on melting and kerf.


Neat! You should cross link that to Bailey’s thread on Halloween Costumes made on the Glowforge too!


Oh man! This is really good!


Please DM and/or share your settings in regards to multiple passes? I tried that, but think my power and speed were still very off, and it was not a stellar outcome.

I was able to work with the One-pass settings I dialed in, finally, but yes, kerf and edges were still a little crappy.

EVA foam floor mat. .5"
500 speed
20 power
10 passes
max depth. .433"

Duplicate drawing
300 speed
13 power
8 passes
.433 Depth

mask bumpy side. cut smooth side face up

Thin “Foamies” brand foam .115":
500 speed
40 power
2 passes
.115 depth


I bet that got old fast!

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actually the art is duplicated. The first group is 10 passes, the next group is 8, for a total of 18 passes! Yeah, it gets old for sure, but it yields nice results.

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