Diving in deep this evening

I’ve been noticing a pretty drastic performance decrease as of late. I’ve been pretty sure it’s due to the dreaded exhaust fan getting wood boogers stuck all over it. I’ve always tried reaching in with a Q-tip and cleaning as good as I could but it only does so much. Did a tear down tonight and removed the left side and fan for a deep cleaning. Holy cow! This thing has air flow for days now!!

For those wondering, there are only 3 torx head screws and 3 little clips holding the left side top panel on and removing it makes things SO much easier! Sorry, I forgot to take after pics but for those on the fence about digging in deep and doing it thoroughly, items worth the extra work.


A basic, right?

I wish it were easy for pro users. The cooling system is in the worst spot.

In case someone wants to try;


I’ve actually taped over my clips holding this down and just put the screws back in to secure it. Makes it a bit easier to access when I need to, though, after removing my fan and opting for an in-line fan instead, I haven’t needed to open it up again.


That’s a fantastic idea!

Well Done.
With the addition of an external inline fan the noise reduction is game changing!
If you are out of warranty, removing the fan and the fan grill will eliminate that maintenance, and without the obstruction of the grill there is less turbulence and more airflow.

Like Raymond, I took steps to enable easier access in the future by slightly rounding the shoulder of the cleats that secure the plastic tabs on the top.


I took a dremel to the tabs. This voids the warranty, but I was already out of warranty.

It also may void your machine from being repairable, or they may charge you extra to replace the casing, just a heads up in case you weren’t aware


That’s true, I should make a point of that. :roll_eyes:

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is it possible to leave the exhaust fan out if you are hooked up to an air pump/dust collector?