Diy atx bench power supply

Made from Birch plywood and Black acrylic. All parts are laser cut. I used a router with a 45 degree chamfer bit to create the miters.

Decals were made on a silhouette cameo


That is pretty sweet!
I am working on a box to house my milling machine DRO. The labels in particular make me happy to have a CNC machine (even if it can’t cut vinyl).


Very nice!
Cool project Brian, and a valuable asset to the test bench!
I beg for a wiring schematic. That would be one of my first projects!
Thank you for sharing!

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Oh wow. I’ve noted that if you are getting into electronics this is essential. Nice work. My foray into an Atx power supply was to make blowers for a cardboard smoker I build to make Canadian bacon. Computer fans worked well for a cooler smoke. The back bacon was great.

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I followed this guide:
It’s very simple.

I’m not too happy with the display though (slow at updating). If I ever redesign this I might buy an lcd screen at make the measurements with some sensor boards of eBay and a microcontroller.

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Thank you. For this project I actually tried first to make the labels on the front by etching the black acrylic, applying white paint and then removing excess paint with a scraper. I didn’t get good results and I didn’t want to sand the acrylic. On wood this should be a pretty good method though.

Looks good. I take it you used a re-purposed ATX unit to give you 12, 5, & 3.3v ( ) and added the variable supply to it?

This is where I go to get the circuit kits, great idea for the box!

Exactly. Used the components outlined here

Bonus: inside shot


Thank you!