DIY Climbing Fanny Pack

I made this pack because I kept finding myself in situations where I didn’t want a full backpack’s worth of stuff with me but still wanted a water bottle, my cell phone, and maybe a snack. It can fit on its own webbing belt or share the webbing with a chalk bag. The handle allows it to be clipped to a carabiner when at an anchor. There’s an internal pocket for valuables because I’m always paranoid of dropping my phone when hundreds of feet off the ground. The external cinch straps help keep smaller loads from jostling around.

It can fit about 2.5-3L or:

  • Nalgene + snacks + wind/rain jacket
  • R1 or similar medium-weight jacket
  • 2 small or 1 medium sized guidebook
  • Mirrorless camera
  • One shoe

I used a bunch of cheap cuts from Seattle Fabrics, I’m guessing that it was 420D packcloth or similar. Some spacer mesh, 5/8" webbing, and 1/2" grosgrain as well. I’m pretty proud of the design (which I did from scratch), but definitely need to work on cleaning up my sewing, especially around the grosgrain.

All the fabric pieces were cut on the Glowforge which was instrumental as I iterated the design probably 10 times before finally being happy with it. A rough pattern is attached below (missing seam allowances and lining layers, you’ll have to DIY those). I’d love to do more detailed assembly instructions next time I make one!

fanny_pack4 (776.7 KB)


Wow! Very nice project. I had no idea we can cut fabric with our GF! Is there a list somewhere of approved fabrics? I just assumed fabric would burst into flame. This is great!

That’s a great design! (I like the compact size.) :grinning:

I can’t comment on what is laser-compatible or not, but I’ve had good luck with most technical/synthetic fabrics.



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Thanks for the design. I will have to show the wife, she is the seamstress.

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It’s a great bag & love your design (and love Seattle Fabrics too!), but what seems a bit strange to me is that you can’t comment on it being laser compatible given you appear as Staff–I would expect Staff to only post projects using known safe/compatible materials, or at least be clear in the post that material used is not yet approved GF safe… ?? Just a thought.

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Lots of excellent topics if you search for fabric. Different kinds, good and not so good.

Cracking. Good to see some different materials in play too

It looks like you’ve bought of everything! Thanks for the design.

Less “I am not allowed to comment” and more “there’s too much variation to make good suggestions”. There’s a ton of different types of fabric out there and many of them don’t have good documentation (eg MSDS sheets) out there on their composition. Some burst into flames, some have toxic fumes, and others work perfectly.


It hadn’t occurred to me, but there are a number of comments about wetting certain kinds of wood so they don’t burn when cutting - I bet you could do the same with fabrics :slight_smile:

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Great topic. I have experimented with multiple fabrics, just staying away from Vinyl and PVC due to toxic fumes. Have you tried anything with waxed fabrics? like Waxed canvas or waxed denim?

Wow just wow!!! Thank you for the pattern.