DIY Hydro Painting




Bunch of guys do that to deer skulls to give it a camo look, Never tried it but it looks like fun!






I tried it… it was an awful f***ing mess. I think my water hates me here. Nothing like this ever works for me. lol


Let’s see if my water hates me too :smile:


Yes, lets! You don’t want to see my results. You can post yours :slight_smile:


I always like to see results, good or bad :slight_smile:

Bad results are a step for the good ones.


“Respect to all of you…”

I don’t see anybody in the photo. Am I missing something? That must be some really good camouflage!


I’ve done it on smaller scale using nail polish and dipping Xmas ornaments (the glass spheres) - was interesting.

sorry about the poor photography…



Look up paper marbling. It is really fascinating and on my to do list. I’ve experimented with paint pouring but no marbling yet.




Lots of fun techniques out there. :slight_smile:


So want to do this. Linking to one of the other threads that talk about it.