DIY Laser Cut Violin

Here is an inspiring build. This YouTuber has some great 3D printer builds but started out his channel with this laser cut build:

I don’t see that this build has been linked to before. I wish he’d have more shots of the laser cutting, but as is, the assembly is a good tutorial. I especially like the alignment holes he made in the pieces that double as clamping pressure. A great technique to showcase.

He has the plans available: Ivan Miranda

This is version 2.0. He has a good video also of assembly for the first version on his channel including test videos of the final product.

For those who might be prone to discuss the musical quality and how badly this build fails, you can quote the following and have at it:

A slap in the face to luthiers everywhere!

To those who want to talk technique and inspiration, you can quote the following and have at it:

This build is inspiring and gives me lots of ideas to use in other projects.

And if you want to try it out in cardboard, have at it. Here is a hand cut cardboard version that isn’t playable, but I do believe poses a challenge that we could rise to. Some epoxy and other hardening agents might make it doable.


Cool! Maybe one of these days I’ll get proficient enough at this to whip one up for my ex-sister-in-law. (She violins and fiddles.) :smile:


That’s a slap in the face to inspiring posts about build ideas.


Not sure I could handle all the glue … but, this is amazing!

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I was a bit tongue in cheek on this. Recall the discussion about the cello bridge build and how it quickly devolved into a discussion of art versus utility. Of course I am on the side of utility and a DIY, but truly appreciate the difference a master craftsman brings to the art.:smiley:


I was completely tongue in cheek. I was trying to combine both sides of your tongue-in-cheek-yness. :smiley:


Hey, how cool is that? I went to his channel and listened to the comparison between his fiddle and a 115 year old one, and it wasn’t bad at all.

Can’t wait to see you make one! We could start a laser cut band—remember this flute build? And this drum build?