DIY Light Guide Plates

This might be of interest here: Joshua Vasquez wrote up a project making light guide panels (basically, turning a sheet of acrylic into an edge-lit backlight panel) using a CO2 laser and, shared his code for generating the engrave pattern.


Great share, thanks!


Very cool! Good to have the math in case it’s ever needed.

I use the poor man’s version of this (when I care enough) to try to help edge-lit signs work a little better: throw a gradient on it and use “vary power”, so the part furthest away from the light is engraved more deeply.


Not the same, but the title has me thinking it would be - one of the first projects I used my GF for years ago was to cut “light pipes” to redirect surface-mount LEDs to the front of an enclosure.

If you’ve ever disassembled compact electronic devices, you’ve probably run into them. Usually molded plastic parts. My acrylic version worked sufficiently for my purposes…


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