DIY Rubber Stamp

I ordered some! But they didn’t have the EVA-38 or the EVA-70. The only option was the adhesive backed one, which is EVA-38 as I read a little further.

These will be too small for the stamp that has been requested, but I will try them out on smaller stamps. If these work out well, I will order larger pieces.

Does anyone have any recommendations or things to avoid when making larger stamps?

The EVA foam works really nice!

At first I was going to cut it by hand, but after reading more on the forum, I decided to give it a try in the :glowforge:

I was cutting the 2mm with adhesive backing. I dialed in the settings to 500/75 and just barely cuts through. Then I can easily pull/rip the remaining foam. This way seemed to have least amount of “shrinkage” due to the laser.