DIY Rubber Stamp

Learn an easy way to make custom rubber stamps for your Glowforge.

Amazon Rubber:

Stamp Handle is designed for .12" ply or (3mm)

Speed: 200
Power: 70
LPI: 270
Number of Passes: 3

Speed: 340
Power: Full
Number of passes: 2


Thank you for the video and all the info.


Great share, but there is an error at the 4:15 mark. It states that “Since this isn’t a Proofgrade material, we have to set our material thickness.” Although a common misconception, this simply isn’t true. The autofocus routine will measure the actual distance and use it.

Alternatively, one can use the “Set Focus” tool to specify exactly where the autofocus measurement is taken. Manually setting the focus distance is only useful in two cases: helping with visual alignment materials with uneven thicknesses, or if you want to intentionally de-focus the beam (sometimes useful when engraving). Here’s a nice write-up on the GF Support site (Scroll about halfway down the page to “Focus Height”).

BTW, users with the GF Premium subscription have access to the “Stamp Maker” feature in the GUI. It takes your artwork and inverts it so all you have to do is print the stamp, add a handle, then ink, and stamp away.


What do you use to stick the rubber to the wood?

I tried cyanoacrylate glue and it made the rubber curl. I tried again last night and did a thin layer and it worked perfectly.

Glad you figured out a solution. I used MITREAPEL Activator and it works great.

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Thanks for all the info.

I typically use Barge cement to connect the rubber to EVA foam and the EVA foam to the wood. That has held up over time for several stamps I’ve done.

I would expect CA to be more prone to failure because it is brittle and, the rubber has some flex.


Thank you, The EVA is a nice touch, how thick?

I have mostly been using 2mm EVA-38 (i.e., 38 Shore-C hardness). I also did one with 4mm EVA-70 (firmer) and, that one has been fine, too.

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Since I’ve never used EVA foam, could it be used instead of rubber, or just in conjunction with it?

I have seen people make stamps out of EVA (“craft") foam by gluing cut-out pieces to a base layer. It probably wouldn’t hold up great to detailed carving the way rubber and similar stuff does. EVA foam tends to pull away/shrink from heat.

I usually cut a piece the same size as my rubber stamp piece and put it between the rubber and the wood. That adds some distance to help keep from accidentally imprinting part of the base and, adds a little give when making an impression.


Good to know. Thanks.

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I have been requested to make a stamp. I have been researching the process, and I really like your method detailed here.

Do you cut the EVA foam in the :glowforge: ? I was planning on cutting a draftboard/plywood backing for the stamp and possibly just using that as a template to hand cut the foam. But maybe using the :glowforge: would be easier and look better?

I didn’t think it needed to be perfect. It would just be a padding between the stamp rubber and the wood.

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I usually cut the EVA foam in the Glowforge using the same outline I used to cut the stamp out after the engrave. EVA foam cuts really well with scissors or a craft knife, too.

I try to crop everything pretty close to the engraved design to minimize the area of non-printing blank material that might make accidental stray marks. Sometimes, I attach the engraved rubber to the EVA foam (with Barge Cement), then trim both closer to the design with sharp, small craft scissors, before mounting to the base. That avoids any issues with mismatched pieces.

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That is a really good point. I may want to try to reduce my cropped area.

The stamp requested is quite large; about 6" x 7". They wanted a script text above an image, with type font below the image.

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At that size, I would expect it to be even easier to end up with stray marks.

There are some other regulars with a bunch of stamping experience who might have suggestions.

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I made some with using 2mm EVA foam as a cushion. Takes a bit of practice to get a “clean” stamp.


There are so many foam options… it is a bit overwhelming to know which one will work the best.

The supplier I have been using, TNT Cosplay, will send you samples:

I have used both the EVA-38 and the EVA-70 in 2mm thickness with good results.