DJ mixer riser with laptop stand

This is something I had been meaning to get to for ages… it’s actually one of the projects I first imagined when I first Pre-purchased the GF.

My turntables are in travel cases, and the mixer has been suspended between them, with a digital audio converter slipped underneath. I wanted a solid stand for the mixer that would allow the DAC to still fit underneath, and provide a better place for the laptop.

The laptop stand itself has already undergone a few iterations, and will certainly change again, as I have already discovered a few minor issues, but all in all it is working great. The current version uses a base and hinge modified from the iPad stand design by @polarbrainfreeze.


Hey man, that articulated podium - Rocks! :sunglasses:


Wow! It looks like the last word in DJ stands! Now all of the DJs will want one. Love practical projects like this.


Wow! That is in impressive project.

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Nice result. This is in a whole other class of practical cuts.

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Glad to see my design being remixed and resused for an awesome project like this!


Turned out great! Nice that you were able to get it done after so long. Pretty exciting!

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Bad ass shop bro. I have a friend that is a DJ and was looking over my shoulder and said" Hey made that" I said" Hey, Hell no." :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s fantastic!

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