DnD on the Catalog?

So I have some DnD dice designs that I’d like to add to the catalog but I am unsure if I could based on legality with wizards of the coast. You can make dice vaults/boxes but I don’t know if mine would be able to be on there because they are the DnD classes (for example wizard, rouge, warlock ect)
Would that be copyright infringement?


None of the DND classes are trademarked, but the symbols and artwork associated with them might be copyrighted.

So, if you made a dice vault with your own, original paladin artwork, with or without the word “PALADIN” engraved on it, that should be perfectly fine. But if you’ve borrowed any of WotC’s art, they will come after you with a +3 Hammer of Legal Smiting.

As always, “some guy on the internet told me it was okay” is not a valid legal defense, so check with a lawyer if there’s any doubt.


Also, from what I understand, a good portion of their material is free use, but I am not sure about resale. You might check here to be sure.


Quick and dirty, totally not a lawyer or legal advice:
General labels, descriptors, and even the strict expression of rules all all non-copyright-able.

The fluff, the wording used to describe the rules, the artwork, the stories, lore, and specific names(example characters, gods, etc) and all IP of WotC.

Anything in the SRD is free to use under the OGL, which is/was meant as a way to create/alter games with similar terms and functionality to unite various disparate groups so they could go from game to game without needing to learn whole new systems.

All that to say, @Doppler has it right. The terms/labels paladin, fighter, the classes etc are all historical terms that no one has an IP claim to.


I agree with this too…I don’t know anything about DnD, but I’ve played a lot of WoW, FFXIV, and maybe a bit too many other games…a bit…and they all use the same systems, those are just general labels…can you imagine having the rights to words like warlock, rogue, mage, and paladin? There would be a lot of authors out there in trouble with the fantasy books they write.


Well… you never know. Smiley faces are trademarked and apparently are being targeted with takedowns on Etsy. I mean, if it’s possible for smiley faces then I just don’t know about anything anymore. Like any kind of smiley face.


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