Do I use Masking Paper on Plastic?

Just got our GF and going to be cutting/engraving 1/16" plastic sheets (this stuff:
I have read on here that people put Masking Paper on wood to help prevent smoke residue, Is that something I have to worry about for plastic?
Also, just so I don’t have to waste too much typing destroying sheets, does anyone have any ideas on settings for this type of material?

If the surface is glossy I would just to prevent having to clean it, although wiping the surface with alcohol and a soft rag will clean it.
Can’t help with settings, never used that material. Test all the things.

Acrylic doesn’t stain from residue so masking isn’t necessary and the gunk wipes right off. Masking might save some cleaning time though so I leave it on if I don’t have a detailed engraving where it would be hard to remove little bits of masking. I do leave it on the back if I’m not familiar with the acrylic and I’m worried about flashback (burning from the heated tray metal.) I use acrylic a lot so I have my setting dialed in and usually isn’t necessary though.

I’m not familiar with the stuff you bought so you’ll have to experiment a bit. Acrylic is acrylic though and the acrylic PF setting work on 90% of the non-PF acrylic I use. There has been posts here about the layered acrylic and that’d be a good place to start.

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