Do you get the machine and Accessories in one waybill or two?

I’m Canadian and will pick up at the USA mailbox The proof grade already arrived (I got tracking) I just got notice of another shipment which is a 14 pound box which I was never notified. It simply showed up there. I assumed the machine and Accessories come together but do you get two shipments? I don’t want to make the trip this weekend if I still need to wait

The machine is shipped as two boxes. 14 lbs will be the accessories.


My two boxes (Glowforge and accessories) arrived on different days. They are the same tracking number, but don’t necessarily take the same path through the UPS sorting machine.

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Thanks guys! Almost there! Just hope the box is intact! :tada:


Yeah…the big box gets dragged around the warehouse a bit and maybe a flight of stairs to punish the orderer for wanting UPS to deliver such a large awkward box.