Do you have any Tricks for Centering parts inside of Parts as i am always a little off

The only trick i know is to watc for the red dot but that is not quite perfect , just ball park.
Anyone have any tricks or system for adding parts that need to be Centered once made.

Are trying to place one file inside of another, like a circle in the middle of a square?

Yes exactly , I really struggle with this : Its a Circle and since I dont do all the artwork together because of some many different variety of parts I have to wing it. I tried like a pilot hole thing but honestly its not working out well .

When you have the two objects on the screen, select one and look at the coordinates making sure the center dot is green in the 3X3 matrix. This is the center of this object.

Write down the X and Y numbers for the next step.

Select the second object and enter the two coordinates in the respective boxes.

They should now be centered.


Holy cow: I completely missed what those dots were for , thank you.

But that is not where my struggle is: I have a round over size wooden circle 18 inches . I can only laser 1 half of it at a time in the machine… So when I move it to get to the other side of the Circle I have to figure out how to center the design on the grill where my circle is .

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Do you have any pictures? It helps me understand better what you are going for.

In that case your best bet is to put masking over the 2nd half and run your design at 1-2 power and full speed. You’ll be able to see the marks in the masking to see if it lined up perfectly, but if it didn’t you can open it up, adjust slightly and then do it again.

This is presuming you’ve run the camera calibration. That thing is amazing.


So I have my practice material

I have my center marked bu the bird cut outs are off center
I am find it very hard to get them centered as the camera can sometimes mess me up.

After masking, I mark my material with a sharpie where I want to place my image.
You need to do a manual focus or enter the exact material thickness before placing your image or it could be way off.


I do use the marker around the cirlce to mark it in place but I sure do waste a lot of material on not getting it centered . UGH The camera comes close but its not spot on for this kind of work.

When you mark the center of your material, put that spot directly under the camera then do a manual focus at that same spot. After that then place your artwork where you want it. If its masked and you do a very light score (3-5) it should just barely mark your masking and you can see where it will go before cutting.

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Thank you for all the focus on this . I did come up with a new idea out of pure torment as the masking did not work for me.

I found a way to put a flat push pin into the material and when the laser comes down i can see its mark on the Push Pin. I just need a bigger push pin now, The marker helped also tracing the circle for the same placement each time.

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You could save yourself so much trouble by designing in another program like inkscape.

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Because I have to pull the Circle out of the machine and Turn it , that will not help . Thank you

Sorry I must have misunderstood what you were trying to do.

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