Do you know AM2R?

This is very non glow-forgey, but who here likes side scrolling metroid games and came to know AM2R? There was a company that made custom game peripherals and showed they had cartridges made for other fan-translated and released games, and I’m certain I would probably be making a similar case for AM2R when I can get more funds for materials.


Had to google it. Now pissed I missed my shot not only at playing but also at contributing to the code. Just the sort of project I would have poured a summer into.

Another Metroid 2 Remake

Too bad Nintendo got to them already. You should be able to track down the software though.

A couple of years ago I bought a Supaboy (don’t do it) and I tried to play the original Super Metroid. My cartridge has a bad battery so it doesn’t save :frowning: Finished a ROM though.

Cool idea!


I snagged the download before the dmca takedowns. There are some fans that claim to be legally adept and state he has grounds for probably winning a counter claim on am2r’s forums.

It’s a very very well done game. It is to metroid 2, what zero mission was to the original metroid…except i would say that it is just that more impressive because all the engine, visual, and audio assets were recreated from the ground up, by a handful of people, not a professional first party team with a budget.

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I have the .zip still.

I have it also, i beat it on normal and hard 100% each.

Managed to find it. Forgot what kind of abilities you get in this one, wasted a LOT of time bomb hopping before I got the wall crawl capability this afternoon.

In addition to what you’d get in metroid 2, this adds beam combiner, charge beam, speed boost, super missles, power bombs, gravity suit, power grip, shinespark techniques, and a warp system to go back to previous areas, and a chozo door authorization thing. Adds a lot of fun.(ten energy tanks)

Normally would get ice, wave, spazer, plasma (separately) spider ball, spring ball, space jump, screw attack, varia suit, high jump, bombs, standard missles, and 5 or 6 energy tanks… basic of basic

If you go by sign shops, framing shops, and plastics shops, theres a good chance they have scrap they arent going to use. Ive gotten hundreds of dollars of plastic for an incredibly small amount of money. I think Ive spent ~$150 and gotten ~$750 worth of acrylic. All of it is cast (minus the stuff from the frame shop). I scored some massive sheets 4ftx6ft in a couple of colors. Its amazing what those people are willing to get rid of to anyone who will take it off their hands.


I don’t have much in the ways of that, I’m in a middle of nowhere small town.