Do you plan on donating creations?

My latest project I made, that I donated for a motorcycle poker run today for the center of neurological development fund raiser in my area. Since I don’t have a glowforge yet I had to make another sticker creation. Hopefully I can make something really awesome once mine come for next years poker run… Anyways my question for all of you is, do you plan on making anything awesome and helping your home town out? I live in a very some town area with other small towns near by and I plan on making some wooden police badge type appreciation plaque for their service, same for our firefighters and EMS too. If you plan on this what type are you going to do? I would like to hear some ideas? Would also be good advertising if you own a company and put your “made by” name on them too.


Nice job! You’ll be able to do some pretty cool things when you get your machine.

Yes, I have a small stack of things I’m planning to donate to the animal shelter I support. I’m not really planning on selling anything, so pretty much everything I make is going for gifts and donations. And maybe a few cool things around the house!


i was thinking the exact same thing. i volunteer at the local shelter here (and am working with my company to hopefully get some pro bono work done there as well). been trying to think of some of the best ways i could use the GF to create things for them.


Here’s my stack so far, maybe it will give you ideas:

Small box with resin inlay:

My Nebra sky disk box:

I make cards with these cats and they sell them at their fundraiser:

All of these were done with the help of the Glowforge.


interesting, we were thinking different directions. i was trying to think of practical “what can i make that would make their job easier or make the shelter work better,” and you’re making things they can sell at fundraisers, which i should think about as well. those cat cards would be a huge hit at mine (as i’m sure they are at yours).

i was thinking things like nicer, new kennel card holders, signage, things like that.


Oh yeah, I’m sure those would be great. The shelter I support is out of state (I’ve never actually been there) so I’m not sure what they need on a day to day basis, but they are always glad for donations for their Black Cat Ball in October.


Check out @henryhbk’s cat perches (sorry, my iPhone won’t let me link.) And maybe look into Kuranda style cat and dog beds.


cat perches are a great idea. we have several, for lack of a better description, cat display rooms. they’d be great in there. and would look nicer than a lot of the PVC built stuff they have going on. especially the room you can see from outside and from the lobby area.


I live in a forest area and I plan to design some really small huts and houses and place them in the forest where kids might find them. We have a lot of hikers around.


Oooh! Fairy houses! Great idea. (I was planning to do some toad houses as well. They eat a ton of mosquitoes.)


I’m a member of the local Lions Club and have been thinking about what I can do as a fund raiser. My leading thought is laser etched/cut Christmas ornaments featuring historic buildings in town - maybe release one design each year to build up the collector-item idea. I’m also considering engraving name tags for each member.

I’m sure I’ll also donated some other items to other charitable causes, as well, or donate a portion of sales of certain designs to certain causes. I do that with some of my t-shirt designs.

Here’s the cat perch post @cynd11 mentioned.


I love that historic building ornament idea!


Thanks! I just hope I can pull it off.

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I’ve been planning on donating things, but once again the question is what. I think the mylar bookmarks might be a nice thing for the local library to use as tiny swag, but they may not agree…


I love this idea! :star_struck: My Girls are always building little fairy houses everywhere we go.

@Jules I really like the idea of Toad houses as well. I think my son would like to make one of those over a fairy house. :wink:


Personally, I won’t touch the H-D name, logo, or product shape… not with a ten-foot pole held by a remote-operated bomb squad robot. I sure wouldn’t put my business name on it. Highly aggressive when it comes to defending their IP they are. They don’t care whether or not you made money on it or donated it.

Making gifts for the local services, though, is a great idea… and yes absolutely put your maker’s mark or artist’s signature on it… assuming it is a design that you created or that you have the rights to use. It is perfectly acceptable to have something like “Donated by the BlahBlah Company” front and center on the stand/frame/etc of an art piece like that. Shoot, at the very least put contact info, a website, or a QR code on the back.


Yea I didn’t do that, nor will I touch it from this point on with that input thanks.